Traditions Smackdown XR Bullets .50 cal. Sabot .45 dia. 200 Grain XR Bullet

7-A2001 Traditions A2001

Traditions Smackdown XR Bullets .50 cal. Sabot .45 dia. 200 Grain XR Bullet
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7-A2001 Traditions A2001
Model A2001 
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Ships Within 1 to 2 Business Days

Get Increased Range, Accuracy and Performance with Smackdown XR Sabots

The Smackdown XR line of bullets is designed as a lighter, faster bullet allowing you to extend your range. This traditional lead projectile features a proprietary plating process encapsulating the bullet in copper, which reduces fouling. Additionally, the hard polycarbonate tip and shape of the projectile provides a flat shooting, deep penetrating bullet sufficient for your hunt. The Smackdown XR bullets come with the Ridgeback Sabot. Redesigned from the ground up, our Ridgeback sabot creates the perfect gas seal every time. By reducing the thickness of the sabot walls and adding horizontal ridges to the walls the frictional contact area of sabot-to-barrel decreases. This adds extra layers of gas seal - a win-win combination. By combining the reduced barrel contact with the deeper base cup, you get the best sabot on the market. Less friction means easier loading while a better gas seals give you more accuracy and reduced cleaning shot after shot.

Traditions Smackdown XR Black Powder Projectile Specifications and Features:

  • Item Number: A2001
  • .50 Caliber Ridgeback Sabot
  • .45 Caliber Smackdown XR Muzzleloader Bullet
  • 200 Grains
  • Copper Plated, Lead Core, Polycarbonate Tip
  • Pack Of 15 Including Sabots

Note: These are projectiles only. They are used for muzzleloading firearms. This is not finished ammunition that is ready to fire.