History of the AR-15 Rifle


History of the AR-15 Rifle

If you are looking for a rifle, chances are the AR-15 is on your short list, and for good reason. In recent years the AR has become America’s most popular rifle because of its adaptability, parts availability, and reliability.

Shooters all over the country turn to the AR platform for all kinds of uses like home defense, competitive shooting, hunting, and even use on the ranch as a truck gun.


The AR-15 is available with a direct impingement gas system also known as "DI"or a gas piston, depending on your personal preference. The DI gas system is battle proven to work in the most adverse conditions, but some shooters take that reliability to the next level by installing a gas piston system that mimics the legendary AK-47.

The modular design of AR rifles will allow you to add as many accessories as you could possibly want like rail systems, after-market stocks, red-dot sights, or even a set of high-quality iron sights for the traditionalist. The sky is the limit when you are customizing your new AR-15.


The AR-15 rifle is available in hundreds of configurations to suit every need. Ultra-compact pistol uppers allow you to get an AR pistol built out or you could even spend that $200 with the ATF to register a short barrel rifle (a rifle with a barrel under the 16-inch limit).

Rifle, mid-length, carbine, and pistol gas systems allow you to configure your rifle to fit your needs perfectly. The shorter the gas system, the more reliable when dirty, but the longer the gas system, the softer shooting it is going to be.