Talon Training Sig Sauer P238 Wallet Holster Black Right Hand No Laser

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Talon Training Sig Sauer P238 Wallet Holster Black Right Hand No Laser
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Brand: Talon
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Item #: HST-1028-007
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The TALON HOLSTERS Wallet Holster is designed by retired law enforcement and military instructors who train citizens to carry concealed every day. Our owners have trained for over 25 years each and have taught civilians for over a decade. Our unique position in the market drove us to design and build our own holsters, here in the USA, at our own facility using the finest Hermann Oak US Steerhides. We have developed our holster designs and tweaked our techniques for almost a decade to bring you the finest quality and most comfortable concealment holsters you will buy. We carry every single day and have designed our holsters to go on quickly and securely and be worn all day, every day. Who else builds holsters at a 3,000 member shooting range and uses feedback from students and instructors to refine and design their own?

Specifications and Features:
Talon Holster SIGWH-Right-BK-NL
Wallet Holster
Black – Right Hand
Fits the Sig P-238, Colt Mustang .380, Kimber Micro Carry .380 and Springfield 911
Custom Molded
Flat Rear Panel to prevent printing in the pocket
Genuine Hermann Oak U.S. SteerHide
Sealed to Protect Against Moisture
Works in most rear pants pockets, jacket pockets, front pockets and cargo pockets
Machine Lock Stitched with Nylon Threads Guaranteed to Last
Backed by our No Bull Guarantee

Draw Side:
Right Hand Draw

Laser Fitment:
Grip Lasers Only

Sig P-238
Colt Mustang .380
Kimber Micro Carry .380
Springfield 911 .380

Usage Technique
The Talon Wallet Holster is built with a single rear panel that attaches to the holster at the bottom corner so the user can establish a correct master grip while the holster is in the pocket. The holster is worn with the flat panel away from the body and the pistol next to the body with the top of the slide closest to the front of the body or hip. The grip will face the spine or rear of the body. As the shooter draws the pistol from the pocket, they place their trigger finger, along the slide, outside the trigger guard and other fingers around the grip to draw the pistol. The panel holds the holster in the pocket and only the pistol is drawn. This way the master grip is established and a textbook draw is executed.
Reholstering is accomplished by switching hands with the firearm, removing the holster, reholstering and placing the whole package back in the pocket.

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