Swab-Its 15 Piece Shotgun Cleaning Kit

2-SBC87-9903 Swab-its 87-9903-6-2

Swab-Its 15 Piece Shotgun Cleaning Kit
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2-SBC87-9903 Swab-its 87-9903-6-2
Model 87-9903-6-2 
UPC 603266449035 
SKU 2-SBC87-9903 
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Ships Within 1 to 2 Business Days

Swab-Its The New Way to Clean!

Swab-Its are the new way to clean your firearms. The Bore-tips are tough foam tips that give a tight fit in the bore. Bore-tips are perfect for applying and removing solvents and oils. Since they are lint-free they leave your barrel cleaner than traditional cotton patches. The Bore-tips fit a standard 5/16-27 cleaning rod. The cleaning swabs, with bendable plastic handles, are made to clean all the hard to reach places on your firearm. Swab-Its Bore-tips and swaps are reusable and can be cleaned with soap and water. These are the newest must-have cleaning products for the firearms owner.

Swab-Its 15 Piece Shotgun Cleaning Kit Specifications and Features

  • Swab-Its Item Number 87-9903
  • 2- 12 Gauge Bore-Tips
  • 2- 20 Gauge Bore Tips
  • 2- 28 Gauge Bore-Tips
  • 9-Piece Cleaning Swabs
  • Attaches to Standard 5/16-27 Cleaning Rods
  • Reusable
  • Wash with Soap and Water