Streamlight Twin-Task 3AA, Headlamp, Black, Nylon, 300 Lumens

Item No. 20-STRE-51062
Streamlight Twin-Task 3AA, Headlamp, Black, Nylon, 300 Lumens
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Brand: Streamlight
MFR #: 51062
UPC: 080926510623
Item #: 20-STRE-51062
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Illumination Wherever You Need

There are many flashlight brands on the market today. Consumers have the luxury of picking and choosing whatever they want. However there are only a few that have a certain amount of tried and true, real world testing to back up the name. Streamlight has climbed the ladder and proven themselves as one of the most durable, trusted brands on the market. Everybody from specialized military units, to police officers, to the everyday civilian have enjoyed the quality and performance of Streamlight designed lights. The Twin-Task 3AA is no exception to this standard. It is a lightweight headlamp design packed with tons of features. As indicated in the name. this light is powered by three, double "A" alkaline or lithium batteries. The batteries power the lights C4 and COB LED which pump out a lumens range of 50 to 300, as well as a minimum and max candela of 80 to 2900. All of this performance is kept in a unit that weighs a total of 7.6 ounces due to its nylon constructed body. This ensures that you can wear the headlamp for hours on end without experiencing any neck strain or fatigue. It has two distinct lighting modes that are spot and flood. Spot mode utilizes the C4 LED and produces a focused beam of light. Flood mode utilizes the COB LED and is used to illuminate a broader area of light. These features bring a great deal of versatility, you can use this light anywhere and everywhere. As far as battery life, you can expect 38 to 3.5 hours and the light is finished a black and red combination.

Streamlight Twin-Task 3AA Specifications and Features:

  • Streamlight Item Number: 51062
  • Headlamp
  • Light Type: C4 and COB LED
  • Light Modes: Spot, Flood
  • High, Medium, Low Output Settings
  • Lumens: 50 - 300
  • Candela: 80 - 2900
  • Body: Nylon, IPX4 Rated
  • Overall Weight: 7.6 oz
  • Battery: Three AA Batteries
  • Battery Life: 38 - 3.5 Hours
  • Contoured Battery Pack
  • Box Packaged
  • Color: Black/Red