SOL Fire Lite Reflective Tinder Cord 550 30 Feet

7-01401730 ARB 01401730
SOL Fire Lite Reflective Tinder Cord 550 30 Feet
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Brand: ARB 
MFR #: 01401730 
UPC: 707708217302 
Item #: 7-01401730 
Model 01401730 
UPC 707708217302 
SKU 7-01401730 
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Typically ships within 3 to 5 business days.

Prepare for the Unexpected

550 Cord, or paracord, is one of the most useful types of cord you can have in your camping or survival kit. It is the answer to a hundred problems. The Fire Lite Reflective Tinder Cord has all of the great usages of regular paracord and more. The hi-visibility orange and reflective sheath is easy to see during the day or in low light when illuminated by a flashlight. This greatly reduces getting caught by rigging or a clothes line in the campsite. Like traditional 550 cord the Reflective Tinder Cord has an outer sheath and 7 strands of smaller cord inside. The center strand is waxed cotton which can be use as tinder when starting a fire. Having the ability to start a fire in a survival situation is extremely important. A fire can keep you warm, cook your food, and make your water drinkable. A fire might even deter the intrusion of predators.

SOL Fire Lite Tinder Cord 550 Specifications and Features

  • SOL Item Number 0140-1730
  • Tinder Core of Waxed Cotton
  • 7 Strand 550 Cord
  • Hi-Visibility Orange and Reflective Sheath
  • Length 30'