Safariland Model 76 Single Magazine Pouch Size 9 Hidden Snap High Gloss Black 76-76-9HS

Item No. 20-76-76-9HS
Safariland Model 76 Single Magazine Pouch Size 9 Hidden Snap High Gloss Black 76-76-9HS
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Brand: Safariland
MFR #: 1102322
UPC: 781602055413
Item #: 20-76-76-9HS
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Carry your favorite magazine with the Safariland 76 Single Magazine Pouch. The magazine rides in a vertical position allowing the magazine in a bottom-up position for easy access. The pouch features a snap closure and a high gloss black finish.

Specifications and Features:
Safariland Model 76 Single Magazine Pouch 76-76-9HS
Part of the 6004/6005 Tactical System
Fits a 2.25" duty belt
Rides in a vertical position
Carries magazine in a butt-up position for easy access
Size 9
Hidden Snap
High Gloss Finish

Beretta: 90 Two, 92D, 92DS, 92F, 92FS M9A1, 92FS Vertec, 92G Brigadier, 92FS, 92FS Centurion, 92G, 96 Centurion, 8000, 8040, 96, 96D, 96DC, 96DS, 92SD, 96G, Brig.92FS, D, 96Brig.D, G, and 96G SD
Browning: BDM 9mm, High Power 9mm, and PRO-9
CZ: P-07 FNH: FNP-9mm or .40 S&W, FNS 9, FNX 9mm or .40 S&W
Heckler & Koch: P7M13
Ruger: KP-944D.A.O., KP-944D.A.O.W., KP-944DC, KP-944DW, KP-944W, KP89, KP89W, P89, P89W, KP89DAOW, P89DC, KP89DC, P89W, KP89DW, KP89DW, KP89DAO, KP91DC, KP91DAO, P85, P91DC, P91DAO, P93, P94, KP944, P95D, KP95DDecock, P95DAO, and KP95DAO
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