Pyro Putty Extendable Flexible Arc Lighter Rechargeable Battery Silver

140353 PhoneSkope PPTFL

Pyro Putty Extendable Flexible Arc Lighter Rechargeable Battery Silver
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140353 PhoneSkope PPTFL
Model PPTFL 
UPC 850010286211 
SKU 140353 
Ships Ships Within 5 to 7 Business Days 
Ships Within 5 to 7 Business Days

Bring an Easy to Start Fire Kit Wherever you Go with the Pyro Putty Arc Lighter

This USB rechargeable lighter uses an electric arc instead of a flame for getting your fire started. This means wind can't blow it out and does not require fluid. The flexible head combined with the ability to extend from 11" to 30" allows you to get into the tricky spots to properly light the grill, fire or cinnamon candle to mask those unfriendly smells. With a full charge via micro-USB the lighter is capable of up to 200 strikes. If you want to save your hair and still have a the ability to start a fire when you need it the Pyro Putty extendable Arc lighter has your back.

Skope Industries is an American company looking to improve the quality of outdoor activates and outdoors products. From their Phone Skope Line of Digiscope video recording products to their versatile Pyro Putty fire stating products they seek to enhance the outdoors community.

Specifications and Features:

  • Phone Skope Item Number: PPTFL
  • Arc Lighter
  • Up to 200 Strikes per Charge
  • Flexible Arc Head
  • Extends 11" to 30"
  • Color: Silver

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