Original Swiss Army Alpine Snow Shovel Dated 1939

Item No. MIL-488-015
Original Swiss Army Alpine Snow Shovel Dated 1939
Original Swiss Army Alpine Snow Shovel Dated 1939
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Brand: Military
MFR #: 91553850
Item #: MIL-488-015
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What a great find! Original Swiss Army Alpine snow shovels manufactured by "ASS" in 1939, yes, this is true piece of histoy! During WWII the Swiss Army troops that were stationed in the Swiss Alps used these shovels.

The shovel blade is made with two pieces of aluminum and spot welded and riveted together. The removable wooden handle measures 17" and slides into the shovel blade. The handle and shovel blade are secured with a knurled ring that slides up the shank of the shovel blade and the stamped bump in the shank retains the handle into the shovel blade by pushing the ring up the shaft.

Everyone can use or display this piece of WWII history. This shovel is ideal for shoveling snow, cleaning out ashes from a fireplace or fire pit, moving mulch or multiple other uses. Buy one to keep in your vehicle for emergencies, one in the camping box and one at the lodge. These can also be hung on the wall as a piece of artwork.

Features and specifications:
Total length: 26"
Handle when installed is 15"
Shovel blade measures 10x8"
Shovel blade is made of aluminum
Manufactured by Swiss company ASS
Dated 1939
Used in excellent condition; the blades may have some scratches on the edges, but for a shovel built in 1939 and used during WWII, they are in great condition and a true piece of history that anyone would be proud to simply own. Very limited supply, buy now!