Monadnock Products Cuff Oversized Steloy Hinge Handcuff Nickel

20-MON-3154-H Monadnock 1001311

Monadnock Products Cuff Oversized Steloy Hinge Handcuff Nickel
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20-MON-3154-H Monadnock 1001311
Model 1001311 
UPC 792298013366 
SKU 20-MON-3154-H 
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Ships Within 1 to 2 Business Days
The Lightweight Steloy Hinge Handcuff from Hiatt is a strong, durable and shockingly light cuff capable detaining any criminal out there. It is constructed from a combination of solid steel and aluminum alloy to create a lighter and more versatile handcuff that can be carried anywhere. Heavy-duty hinges connect the cuffs instead of traditional chains, to minimize detainee mobility and prevent the chance of attach or escape. The handcuffs utilize a positive swing through action that allows officers to engage the cuffs in a single swift motion. Once engaged, each hand is locked into place with an 18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar mechanism that will not release without the use of a key.

Specifications and Features:
Monadnock Products 3154-H
Material: Steloy
Color: Nickel
Hinge design minimizes detainee movement
18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar locking mechanism creates an unbreakable lock
Positive swing through action allows for rapid cuffing
Reinforced steel links deliver enhanced strength
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