Monadnock 6290 Baton Wedge Cap Black

20-MON-6290 Monadnock 6290

Monadnock 6290 Baton Wedge Cap Black
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20-MON-6290 Monadnock 6290
Model 6290 
UPC 20-MON-6290 
SKU 20-MON-6290 
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Ships Within 1 to 2 Business Days
Designed for use on any friction lock baton, this Monadnock baton wedge cap helps you maintain balance and control of the baton during use. When dropped on a hard surface, the cap lets the baton roll back to you, so you can easily retrieve it.
Specifications and Features:
Monadnock Products
Baton Wedge Cap
Fit friction lock
The wedge cap allows for maximum baton retention of the baton while in the field or in a training environment
Tapered end cap design allows you to maintain control of the baton while performing techniques
Design allows for ease of drawing baton
Works on any Monadnock friction lock baton
The wedge cap will roll back to you when dropped on a hard surface
The advanced design is suited for both male and female officers