Hornady .44 .430" Bullet, 100 Projectiles, XTP HP, 240 Grains

FC-090255244205 Hornady 44200

Hornady .44 .430" Bullet, 100 Projectiles, XTP HP, 240 Grains
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FC-090255244205 Hornady 44200
Model 44200 
UPC 090255244205 
SKU 10-0811542 
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This is a box of bullets, also referred to as projectiles, which are only used for reloading. This is NOT loaded ammunition and this box of projectiles can not be returned.

Hornady XTP Bullets are designed for high performance, high pressure hunting and defensive applications. The XTP Hollowpoint offers controlled expansion across a great range of velocities, to 1.5 times the original diameter of the bullet. A heavier than usual jacket is used to ensure that the bullet stands up to the higher pressures assosciated with hunting and defensive loads.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 44200
Hornady XTP Hollow Point Bullet
Bullet Weight: 240 Grains
Bullet Diameter: .430"
Controlled expansion to 1.5x original diameter over a wide range of velocities
Heavy jacket for high pressure handgun cartridges
Ballistic coefficient: 0.205
Sectional density: 0.185