Hog Saddle PIG Skins Barricade Pad, Patriot Brown 6" Skins-PB-6

TAC-031-001 Hog Saddle Skins-PB-6

Hog Saddle PIG Skins Barricade Pad, Patriot Brown 6" Skins-PB-6
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TAC-031-001 Hog Saddle Skins-PB-6
Model Skins-PB-6 
SKU TAC-031-001 
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Ships Within 1 Business Day
The HOG Saddle PIG Skins replace a shooter’s need to drag around a sand sock while firing from expedient, elevated positions, such as hard cover and barricades. Our rifle skid pad is designed to reduce the effects of recoil while firing from hard surfaces. This also better enables a shooter the ability to load into their rifle, due to the added grip surface of the barricade pad. Keep your scope on target, for better tracking of bullet placement, and for rapid follow-up shots.

Specifications and Features:
Made of a recoil reducing urethane that is extremely UV resistant (same material used on HOG & PIG Saddle units)
High quality, time tested Velcro brand used
Comes with two extra Velcro loop adhesive pads that easily adhere to any stock finish
Patriot Brown
Manufactured in the USA with American materials
War Veteran owned small business