Hog Saddle Kestrel Wind Wrap- 4700 series ATI-KWW-4500

TAC-031-008 Hog Saddle ATI-KWW-4700
Hog Saddle Kestrel Wind Wrap- 4700 series ATI-KWW-4500
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Brand: Hog Saddle 
MFR #: ATI-KWW-4700 
Item #: TAC-031-008 
Model ATI-KWW-4700 
SKU TAC-031-008 
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Do you have a Kestrel but don't like taking it out in the elements just in case you drop it? Well the Hog Saddle Kestrel wind wrap is for you then. The Wrap maintains full operation and function of the wind meter and protects sensor holes from being obstructed by mud and debris. You can mount your Kestrel wind meter to any rifle sling, MALICE Clip, or tripod/bipod leg with the Kestrel Wind Wrap.

Specifications and Features:
Fits Kestrel 4500 Weather Meter
Mounts to any sling 1"-1.5" wide, MALICE Clip, tripod/bipod leg, or tubular surface up 3" diameter
Utilizes soft contact points to prevent internal electronic damage due to rifle recoil.
Berry Compliant
Kestrel Approved
USA Made