Fortis Manufacturing Control Shield with Black 9mm/36 Muzzle Brake-Bundle Pack BNDL-9MM-36

ARR-524-034 Fortis Manufacturing BNDL-9MM-36

Fortis Manufacturing Control Shield with Black 9mm/36 Muzzle Brake-Bundle Pack BNDL-9MM-36
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ARR-524-034 Fortis Manufacturing BNDL-9MM-36
Model BNDL-9MM-36 
UPC 855476008568 
SKU ARR-524-034 
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Ships Within 1 Business Day
Offering the Control Shield and our Muzzle Brake as a bundle. Order together and save. Offer not retroactive.
You breach, shoot a few rounds and then can't hear feedback from your team because you're temporarily deaf from the concussion and blast noise from your muzzle device. The Fortis Control Shield was designed to push the noise forward for combative situations or even for simple range use, while the top ports keep the muzzle device flat on target. The patent pending quick detach system will be made available for other manufacturer's to use in conjunction with their muzzle devices.
The new Fortis Muzzle Brake was inspired by the sharp lines of their brand. Like many of their products, the machining on this brake takes a lot longer than the competition. They take their time to create the very best products out there. Try the new muzzle brake once and you'll be glad you did. The performance is unmatched and muzzle rise is non-existent. Keep your speed and accuracy up. Put more down range and on target..

Specifications and Features:
Control Shield:
4140 Steel
4.2 ounces
2.36 inches
Diameter 1.49 inches
Made in America

Muzzle Brake:
4140 Steel
Nitride coated
For the 9mm
1/2 x 36 TPI
Comes with a crush washer
2.8 ounces
2.28 inches
Made in America
Fortis Control Shield compatible

Note: This product is not returnable. Contact the manufacturer for warranty and assistance.

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