Fix It Sticks Torque Limiter 6 Inch Pounds 1/4" Bit Socket

GNS-8538-016 Fix It Sticks FISTL6

Fix It Sticks Torque Limiter 6 Inch Pounds 1/4" Bit Socket
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GNS-8538-016 Fix It Sticks FISTL6
Model FISTL6 
UPC 696177784371 
SKU GNS-8538-016 
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Ships Within 1 Business Day
Fix It Sticks is a highly modular multi-tool system featuring a variety of specialty tools and torque limiters, along with standard 1/4" bits. Fix It Sticks uses a T-handle concept to give you the best of both worlds: shop level function, paired with light weight and portability. Keep your gear running in the field.

The Fix It Sticks Torque Limiter is a versatile, portable, and easy to use add on for Fix It Sticks. Designed for precise application of torque to help prevent over-torquing of fasteners and other precision components. When the Inch Pounds of the Limiter is reached, the limiter "spins" preventing further torque from being applied.

Specifications and Features:
Inch Pounds: 6
Audible Click
Spins to Prevent Further Torque
+/- 6% Accuracy
Accepts Any Standard 1/4" Bit
Fits into Any Standard 1/4" Driver
Accuracy for 20,000 Cycles

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