Ed Brown 1911 .45 ACP Commander 18 Pound Recoil Spring

GNS-234-188 Ed Brown Products Inc 918-C

Ed Brown 1911 .45 ACP Commander 18 Pound Recoil Spring
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GNS-234-188 Ed Brown Products Inc 918-C
Model 918-C 
UPC 800732918006 
SKU GNS-234-188 
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Ships Within 1 Business Day
For over 50 years Ed Brown has been refining and perfecting the 1911 as a shooting platform. Their precise manufacturing and fitting of parts has created the reputation for accuracy and quality the 1911 is known for today. Quality parts from Ed Brown will improve the function and reliability of your 1911 while also providing a unique look. With state of the art machinery and renowned experience Ed Brown is the obvious choice for any after market parts for your 1911.

Make sure your recoil spring is correctly matched to the ammunition you are shooting. When you have the proper weight recoil spring for a particular load, ejected brass should land 8-12 feet away. If brass is falling within a few feet of you, your spring is too heavy for that load. If brass lands more than about 12 feet away, your spring is too light for that load. Either case leads to reduced reliability.

Specifications and Features:
Ed Brown 1911 Recoil Spring
18 Pound Spring

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