Weaver Detachable Top-Mount Base Browning/Mauser/Winchester Standard Mount No. 46 Black 48046

FC-076683480460 Weaver 48046

Weaver Detachable Top-Mount Base Browning/Mauser/Winchester Standard Mount No. 46 Black 48046
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FC-076683480460 Weaver 48046
Model 48046 
UPC 076683480460 
SKU 2-WV48046 
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Nobody makes bases to fit as many guns as Weaver. Yet each base is machined to tight tolerances for a custom fit. They're designed to fight the effects of recoil with a square cut notch that precisely mates to the sturdy cross bolt in every Weaver Detachable Ring. Custom hardened fastening screws come with every Weaver base.

No.46 mount

Anschutz 1568, front
Beretta Mato rifle, front
Browning Mauser action, front
Browning BBR long and short action, front
CIL 950, 950-C and 972-C, front
Colt 57, front
Cooey 71, front
Enfield receiver cut down, front
H&R 300, 301, 330 and 370 made before 1973, front
H&R 301 long action made after 1973, front
Herters J9, front
High Standard High Power, front
Interarms Viscount, front
Marlin 455 and MR7, front
Mauser with receiver ring 1.410" 98FN, front
Mauser with receiver ring 1.300" Swedish 96, front
Mauser Bauer 3000 and 4000, front
Musgrave Mark I-IV, front
Navy Boy Country Boy muzzleloader, front or rear
Parker-Hale 1000, 1000C, 1100, 1200 and 1700, rear
Savage 110FP, 10FP and 112FV-BV, front or rear
Savage 12FP-BV 2003 models with AccuTrigger, front or rear
Savage 10 muzzleloader, front
Shultz & Larsen, front
Sears 50, 51, 51L and 53, front
S&W Mauser action with small receiver ring, front
Stevens 110E, front
Stevens 200, front or rear
Voere 2150 and 2165/1-4 Mauser action, front
Weatherby FN Mauser action, front
Winchester 52 with same hole spacing, front or rear
Winchester 54, front
Winchester 70 early models with serial numbers 66,350 or higher, front
Winchester 70 WSSM, front
Winchester 70 long action with different hole spacing, front
Winchester 70 Super Express
Winchester 70 short action, front
Winchester 70 Coyote short action .330 Win Mag, front
Winchester 670 and 770, front

This is only a single mount. You will need to order two mounts for mounting a scope.