TRUGLO TFX Pro CZ P10 Front and Rear Set Green TFO Night Sights Orange Ring Steel Black

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TRUGLO TFX Pro CZ P10 Front and Rear Set Green TFO Night Sights Orange Ring Steel Black
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Item #: 109915
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TRUGLO TFX Pro Sights Combine Tritium and Fiber Optic for Optimal Day/Night Capability

Have the convenience, confidence, and safety of TruGlo TFX Pro sights in both day and night conditions. Quickly acquire the proper sight alignment no matter what lighting conditions. These sights are fully protected TFO technology in a hermetically sealed TFX capsule making them virtually indestructible. The TFX encapsulated Tritium Fiber Optic is a virtually indestructible configuration, that's impervious to oils chemicals, solvents, and ultrasonic cleaning. The glow in the dark Swiss Tritium capsule in the front sight features a contrasting Orange Focus-Lock ring for faster focus and quicker sight alignment. The Swiss Tritium U-notch rear sight features black locking rings to improve front sight acquisition. These CNC machined snag resistant sights are protected with a FORTRESS finish for maximum protection. The aggressively angled rear sight edge is specifically designed for emergency one handed operation racking the slide. When you need a set of bright night sights for your carry pistol, get the toughest most advanced sights on the market, get TRUGLO TFX Pro!

TRUGLO TFX Pro Day/Night Sights (Black) Specifications and Features:

  • TFX Capsule with TFO Technology
  • Contrasting colored front sight ring for even faster focus
  • Angled rear sight edge for emergency one-hand operation
  • Swiss Tritium for Maximum Brightness
  • Glows in the Dark with Unmatched Visibility
  • Snag Resistant Design Fits Standard Holsters
  • Oils, Chemicals, Solvents and Ultra-Sonic Cleaning Resistant
  • Green Front Sight with Orange Focus-Lock Ring
  • U-Notch Green Rear Sights with Black Locking Rings
  • Steel Encased Concealed Fiber
  • Patented Design
  • Black Fortress Finish
  • CZ P10 Pistols
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