Swhacker Hybrid Compound 100 grain Mechanical Broadhead

7-SWH00257 Swhacker SWH00257

Swhacker Hybrid Compound 100 grain Mechanical Broadhead
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7-SWH00257 Swhacker SWH00257
Model SWH00257 
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Ships Within 1 to 2 Business Days

Bring the Energy with the Swhacker Hybrid 100 Grain Mechanical Broadhead

The Swhacker Hybrid bird mechanical broadhead is a broadhead designed to give maximum impact on your next hunt. This 4 blade design comes with 2 mechanical cutter and 2 fixed blade for an improved cutting ratio. This particular broadhead has a 1.75" cutting surface on the mechanical blades and a 1" on the fixed blades meaning maximum effect to help ensure an ethical take down of the animal. The tip is made with a high carbon steel that is given a chisel shape to bust through bone or tougher material. So want a broadhead that hits hard and is designed to give you a efficient hit on that prize buck.

Swhacker Hybrid Mechanical Arrow Head Specifications and Features:

  • Swhacker Item Number SWH00257
  • High Carbon Steel Chisel Tip
  • Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Ferrule
  • 1.75" Cutting Diameter
  • 1" Fixed Bleeder Blade
  • Optimized for Compound Bows
  • Weight 100 grains
  • Color: Black

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