Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger Ammunition JHP 115 Grains SB9C

FC-AMM-4156-50 Sellier & Bellot SB9C

Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger Ammunition JHP 115 Grains SB9C
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FC-AMM-4156-50 Sellier & Bellot SB9C
Model SB9C 
Caliber 9mm Luger or 9x19mm 
Bullet Type Hollow Point 
Case Type Brass 
Grains 115 
FPS 1237 
UPC 754908505067 
SKU AMM-4156 
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Accurate and Dependable Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger 115-Grain JHP Ammo

This 9mm Luger ammunition features a jacketed hollow point projectile for improved ballistics and wound potential. The cartridges utilize a 115-grain bullet capable of traveling at 1237 fps, giving them 391 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle. The JHP projectile provides excellent expansion, making this ammunition great for defensive use. When you need ammunition that you can depend on when you need it the most, you can count on Sellier & Bellot.

Sellier & Bellot is one of the oldest ammunition manufacturers in the world. Sellier & Bellot was established in 1825 by Louis Sellier and Jean Maria Nicolaus Bellot in Prague where they started producing percussion caps. In 1918, the company began loading 9mm cartridges and in 1945 they moved to Vlasim, Czechoslovak to allow for future growth into additional calibers of ammunition.

9mm is also known and listed as 9x19mm, 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Para, 9mm NATO and 9mm Luger.

Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger Ammo Specifications and Features:

  • Manufacturer Number: SB9C
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Bullet Type: Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)
  • Bullet Weight: 115 Grain
  • Rounds: 50 Rounds Per Box
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1237 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 391 ft/lbs
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.355"
  • Casing: Brass
  • Ballistic Coefficient: 0.086
  • Primer Style: Boxer
  • Accurate and Positive Functioning
  • No Barrel Leading
  • Reliable Expansion
  • Usage: Target, Match, Range and Defense
50 Round Box