AR-15 Parts & Accessories

Find AR-15 parts for performance and personalization at prices that stay in your...
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Find AR-15 parts for performance and personalization at prices that stay in your budget at Cheaper Than Dirt. Browse thousands of the top-rated AR-15 magazines, upper receivers, lower receivers, AR-15 lower parts, sights and other quality accessories. We also carry a great selection of AR-15 ammo, red dot sights and sturdy slings to help fully customize your rifle. Whether you are looking to build or buy the perfect AR, we have everything you need and more!
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AR-15 Magazines

Grab a spare or replacement mag to efficiently feed your AR-15 the ammo it needs.

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AR-15 Sights & Scopes

Stay on target with ease with our selection of crystal-clear optics.

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AR-15 Barrels

Start your build or upgrade off on the right foot with a high-quality barrel.

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AR-15 Charging Handle

Upgrade your AR-15 with a brand new ambidextrous charging handle.

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AR-15 Gas Tubes, Blocks, Pistons

Pick up a new gas block and gas tube for your next AR build.

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AR-15 Muzzle Devices

Counter recoil and unwanted muzzle rise with a high-quality AR-15 muzzle device.

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AR-15 Receivers & Parts

Build a new upper with one of these high quality upper receivers.

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AR-15 Bolt Carrier Parts

Find the right Bolt Carrier and parts for your AR-15

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AR-15 Handguard

M-LOK, Keymod, Quadrail, Freefloat, Drop-In; find the perfect handguard for your build.

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AR-15 Lower Kits

Finish out your stripped lower receiver with kits designed for the discerning shooter.

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AR-15 Lower Parts

Discover upgraded lower parts to step up your next AR-15 build.

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AR-15 Trigger Guard

Improve the looks and ergonomics of your AR with one of our well-made trigger guards.

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AR-15 Triggers

Upgrade your factory trigger with these easy to install AR triggers.

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AR-15 Grips

A quality grip can help you stay comfortable and locked in during your trips to the range.

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AR-15 Stocks

Better comfort and accuracy. That’s what you’ll get with a well-designed AR-15 stock.

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