Manticore Front Detent Kit for Yugo M92 and M85 PAP Muzzle Devices Black

Item No. 7-MA3300
Manticore Front Detent Kit for Yugo M92 and M85 PAP Muzzle Devices Black
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Brand: Manticore Arms
MFR #: MA3300
UPC: 811359020089
Item #: 7-MA3300
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Manticore Arms develops innovative forward thinking products for the firearms community. Manticore parts and components fill a need or improve operations with a synergy of function and form. They produce cutting edge components and accessories to enhance performance and your shooting experience. Manticore manufactures all of their products right here in the USA, with the high end features you demand at a price that you can afford.

To properly install a new muzzle device on the Yugo M92 Krink or M85 PAP you will need a new detent! Ready to help you install the NightShroud or NightBreak muzzle device is the Manticore Front Detent Kit. Simply place the spring on the back of the detent pin, and gently push it into place then lightly tap the roll in to lock it tight. When you need the parts and components to get your firearm looking and performing how you want it, turn to Manticore Arms!

Specifications and Features:
Manticore Front Detent Kit MA-3300
Muzzle Device Detent Pin
Spring and Roll Pin

Manticore NightShroud and NightBrake for the Yugo Krinkov M92 and M85 PAP

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