Lancer L7AWM DPMS LR-308 5 Round Magazine 7.62 NATO Smoke

7-L705SMK Lancer L705SMK
Lancer L7AWM DPMS LR-308 5 Round Magazine 7.62 NATO Smoke
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Brand: Lancer 
MFR #: L705SMK 
UPC: 738435617240 
Item #: 7-L705SMK 
Model L705SMK 
UPC 738435617240 
SKU 7-L705SMK 
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Typically ships within 3 to 5 business days.

Lancer L7AWM Magazines Feature A Hybrid Polymer/Steel Design

The L7AWM is an AR-10/SR-25 pattern rifle magazine constructed from a proprietary lightweight polymer with hardened steel feed lips that wrap completely around the magazine, maximizing stiffness and reliability while preventing dimpling in the front of the magazine. A switchable drain lock in the floor plate comes standard on all L7's, allowing the user to configure the magazine for marine applications or extremely dusty conditions.

Lancer Advanced Weapons and Components L7AWM SR-25/DPMS LR-308/AR-10 Magazine (Translucent Smoke) Specifications and Features:

  • Lancer L705SMK
  • L7AWM SR-25/DPMS LR-308/AR-10 Magazine
  • 7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester/6.5 Creedmoor Compatible
  • 5 Rounds
  • Proprietary polymer body offers unmatched durability, even in sub-freezing conditions (tested from -40F to +180F)
  • Hardened steel feed lips do not bend, deform, or crack under hard use or extended storage
  • Impact and chemical resistant polymer body meets or exceeds military testing standards
  • Non-tilt follower with stainless steel spring allows for loaded mag storage without degrading performance
  • Reduces weapon malfunctions by providing increased reliability
  • Allows for immediate visual identification of ammunition type
  • Increases ammunition awareness during reloads
  • Designed, tooled, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.
  • Translucent Smoke
  • Knights Armament SR-25, DPMS LR-308, ArmaLite AR-10 (AR-10A Pattern Lower), SIG 716, LMT, LM308, POF P308, and S&W M&P-10
Does NOT Fit:
  • Armalite AR-10B, Springfield Armory M1A, Rock River Arms LAR8, FN SCAR 17S, PTR-91, HK417 or other rifles that utilize M14, FN FAL, or HK 91/G3 patterned magazines
ArmaLite has two different pattern lower receivers known as AR-10A and AR-10B, please verify your lowers compatibility before ordering.