Hogue Extreme Series Grips SIG Sauer P938 Smooth G-10 Black 98149

FC-743108981498 Hogue 98149

Hogue Extreme Series Grips SIG Sauer P938 Smooth G-10 Black 98149
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FC-743108981498 Hogue 98149
Model 98149 
UPC 743108981498 
SKU 10-1037168 
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Slick hands while on the line can be annoying and potentially dangerous. Now imagine the same situation but in a defensive draw scenario… much worse. This is something that you can avoid all together with proper training and the appropriate Hogue grip. Hogue has an extensive line of products designed with only the finest materials available to ensure you have the quality shooters demand. Peruse the Hogue catalog and explore their full line of grips, stocks, knives, holsters, belts and accessories to get your firearm ready for what every mission is around the corner. Get a Grip on your situation with Hogue.

Hogue manufactures the largest selection, variety, color and texture of G10 grips available. Every Hogue G10 grip is precision machined from the highest quality G10 material available, including our exclusive G10 G-Mascus material. We quality test and inspect every batch of G10 material before, during and after every phase of our manufacturing process.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 98149
Precision machined from G10 material
Quality tested and inspected after every phase of manufacturing process

SIG Sauer P938