Federal Guard Dog .45 ACP 165 Grain EFMJ 20 Round Box

Item No. FC-029465062682
Federal Guard Dog .45 ACP 165 Grain EFMJ 20 Round Box
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Brand: Federal
UPC: 029465062682
Item #: FC-029465062682
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These Federal Guard Dog cartridges are the answer when you need an expanding bullet with barrier performance, and reduced risk of over-penetration. These are perfect for home defense or personal defense where hollow point designs are not allowed.

These non-hollow-point expanding FMJ bullets are filled with an expanding blue polymer that minimizes the probability of injury to loved ones nearby. This one-of-a-kind bullet design is fully enclosed which means it never fills with barrier material and it collapses on impact every time.

Protect your home and loved ones with a cartridge designed exclusively for home defense. Guard Dog packs the terminal performance that stops threats while reducing over-penetration through walls. Guard Dog is the new benchmark for defending home and family.

Nickel plated brass case.
1140 fps at Muzzle
1030 fps at 50 yards
954 fps at 100 yards
476 ft/lbs. at Muzzle
388 ft/lbs. at 50 yards
333 ft/lbs. at 100 yards
Price is per 20 round box.

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