Federal American Eagle 5.56 NATO Ammunition 420 Rounds 55 Grain FMJ XM193

130110 Federal XM193BK420AC1X

Federal American Eagle 5.56 NATO Ammunition 420 Rounds 55 Grain FMJ XM193
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130110 Federal XM193BK420AC1X
Model XM193BK420AC1X 
Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO 
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket 
Case Type Brass 
Grains 55 
FPS 3165 
Quantity 420 
UPC 604544671858 
SKU 130110 
Ships Ships Within 5 to 7 Business Days 
Ships Within 5 to 7 Business Days

Federal XM193 Should Be Your Go To Load For Target Shooting, Training and Plinking

If your AR-15 fails to run with XM193 from Federal, then you need to figure out what's wrong with your firearm. XM193 is the gold standard when it comes time to test fire, target shoot, train, or just spend a day plinking at the range. This load features a 55 grain full metal jacket boat tail projectile loaded into a new production brass case. Federal uses non corrosive powder and primer which keep your firearms free from corrosion. This ammo is ideal for the high volume shooter and it comes loose packed in a plastic bag, nicely enclosed in an ammo can. All you preppers out there take note since this ammo can makes for a convenient way to store and transport the ammo. Please note that cases will more than likely show signs of annealing, this "decolorization" is a heat treatment process applied to the brass making it stronger. Unlike with production ammo, this is NOT polished out to make "pretty" cartridges. This ammo is for shooting, and serious shooters who know trust Federal.

Federal American Eagle XM193 Ammunition Specifications and Features:

  • Federal American Eagle XM193BK420AC1X
  • 5.56 NATO
  • 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
  • XM193 Specification
  • New Production
  • Non-Corrosive Powder/Primers
  • Brass Cased
  • Boxer Primed
  • Perfect for the High Volume Shooters
  • Muzzle Velocity 3165fps
  • 420 Rounds With Ammo Can
  • Uses: Target Shooting, Training, and Plinking.