Ed Brown 1911 Bobtail Mainspring Housing Snakeskin Stainless

GNS-234-073 Ed Brown Products Inc 817S-BT

Ed Brown 1911 Bobtail Mainspring Housing Snakeskin Stainless
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GNS-234-073 Ed Brown Products Inc 817S-BT
Model 817S-BT 
UPC 800732817088 
SKU GNS-234-073 
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For over 50 years Ed Brown has been refining and perfecting the 1911 as a shooting platform. Their precise manufacturing and fitting of parts has created the reputation for accuracy and quality the 1911 is known for today. Quality parts from Ed Brown will improve the function and reliability of your 1911 while also providing a unique look. With state of the art machinery and renowned experience Ed Brown is the obvious choice for any after market parts for your 1911.

Innovated and introduced by Ed Brown over 15 years ago, and widely copied by others in recent years, the Bobtail is a concealed carry modification to your Government Model frame that transforms it into a Round-Butt pistol. It consists of a specially manufactured housing and frame modification. The Bobtail removes a full ½” of excess metal from the bottom rear of the gun, where the mainspring housing pin is located. This not only reduces the weight, but solves two well-known problems of carrying a 1911. First, it drastically increases comfort during carry. There is no sharp butt to poke you in the ribs. Second, it increases concealment during carry, because the hardest thing to conceal on a 1911 style pistol has always been the sharp, projecting butt. The Bobtail uses an Officer’s model mainspring and internals, which are included and installed.

Specifications and Features:
Ed Brown 1911 Bobtail Mainspring Housing
Machined from Solid Bar Stock Steel
Stainless Steel

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