Crimson Trace LG-409G LaserGrips Green Laser Fits Kimber Micro 9 Matte Black

107812 Crimson Trace LG409G

Crimson Trace LG-409G LaserGrips Green Laser Fits Kimber Micro 9 Matte Black
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107812 Crimson Trace LG409G
Model LG409G 
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Ships Within 5 to 7 Business Days

Crimson Trace LaserGrips are the flagship product of the Crimson Trace Line

Crimson Trace LaserGrips have been the flagship product of Crimson Trace for several years now. These grips come ready to install on many popular firearms models. The idea was simple, provide shooters with the ability to naturally grip the pistol and activate the laser. This simple and effective design has been proven to extremely useful especially in times of induced stress and where instincts and training take over. The ability to paint the target with a red dot and knowing what you are aiming at could just save you life or the life of someone you love. Don't own a gun without a Crimson Trace LaserGrip.

Crimson Trace LaserGrips (Matte Black) Specifications and Features:

  • Crimson Trace LG-409G
  • Green Laser Grip
  • Beam Intensity 5mW Peak 515-535 nm Class 3R Laser
  • Dot Size Approximately .5" Diameter at 50 Feet
  • Four 2016 Lithium Batteries
  • Over 2 Hours of Illumination
  • Front Located Integrated Momentary Pressure Pad
  • Manufacturer Full Three Year Warranty
  • Matte Black
  • Kimber Micro 9
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