Bulldog Cases Tactical Leg Holster Medium to Large Autos Right Hand Nylon Black WTAC 7R

FC-875591001800 Bulldog WTAC 7R

Bulldog Cases Tactical Leg Holster Medium to Large Autos Right Hand Nylon Black WTAC 7R
Bulldog Cases Tactical Leg Holster Medium to Large Autos Right Hand Nylon Black WTAC 7R
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FC-875591001800 Bulldog WTAC 7R
Model WTAC7R 
Carry Tactic 
Material Nylon 
Light No 
Side Right 
UPC 875591001800 
SKU 10-0629019 
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Bulldog Cases offers one of the best leg holsters on the market. The double leg straps feature a non-slipping lining that ensures the holster stays in place, quick release buckles allow for quick removal and the straps have plastic slider buckles making them fully adjustable. The adjustable belt loop adds another security measure to the holster which features a thumb break and extra magazine pouch.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: WTAC 7R
Adjustable belt loop and leg strap for custom fit
Heavy nylon construction
Thick padding in holster
Extra magazine pouch
Quick release buckles

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