Axeon Optics Second Zero 4.3 MOA Bell Mount 50-58mm Objective Size

FC-723364186233 Axeon Optic Solutions 2218623

Axeon Optics Second Zero 4.3 MOA Bell Mount 50-58mm Objective Size
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FC-723364186233 Axeon Optic Solutions 2218623
Model 2218623 
UPC 723364186233 
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Be Ready for That Long Shot With Axeon

The Axeon Second Zero is out-of-the-box ready. It's the fastest way to compensate for bullet drop at extended range. The Second Zero shifts a target image up by the same number of inches a bullet drops over a specified distance. So if a bullet drops by 7 inches because of gravity, the Second Zero shifts the image up by 7 inches. In effect, they cancel each other out.

The Axeon Second Zero is a precision optical device that gives any rifle shooter an instant additional zero distance whether in a hunting or tactical application. It's an aiming device used in conjunction with your standard rifle scope. The patented Second Zero, is a prism driven optical device configured to bend light at a precise minute of angle to achieve an additional zero (second zero) downrange. It will revolutionize the way you achieve accuracy at long distances.

The device simply mounts forward of your rifle scope, right over the bell, as long as it does not have an adjustable objective. Your scope functions normally when the Second Zero is not being used. When engaged, the prisms of the Second Zero, shift the image to compensate for bullet drop. Simply place the crosshairs on the target just as you would at 100 yards. You leave your optic sighted in at 100 yards and your Second Zero provides you an additional distance. This unit provides 4.3 MOA or 330 yards as tested with most hunting rounds.

Axeon Optics Second Zero Specifications and Features:

  • Manufacturers Number 2218623
  • 330 Yard Zero
  • 4.3 MOA Adjustment
  • Clips Onto Non-Adjustable Objectives
  • Provides an Optical adjustment to be on target at 330 yards for most Hunting Rounds
  • Check your shot placement before hunting
  • Fits 50-58mm Non-Adjustable Objectives
  • Black