Weatherby .338-378 Weatherby Magnum Ammunition 20 Rounds Nosler Partition 200 Grains N303200PT

Item No. FC-747115020768
Weatherby .338-378 Weatherby Magnum Ammunition 20 Rounds Nosler Partition 200 Grains N303200PT
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Brand: Weatherby
MFR #: N303200PT
UPC: 747115020768
Item #: FC-747115020768
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Weatherby ammunition remains true to the concept Roy Weatherby developed in the 1940s, the faster a bullet traveled, the better. The flatter it would shoot, the less it would drop, the harder it would hit, the better its terminal performance. At the same time, our ammunition also takes advantage of the latest in controlled expansion bullets which are capable of harnessing the higher velocities to create a cartridge that provides the ultimate in penetration, large wound channels and more one-shot kills. Nothing shoots flatter, hits harder or is more accurate.

Initially a wildcat cartridge developed by Roy Weatherby in 1959 at the request of the United States Army. This white hot cartridge is based on the .378 necked down to .30 caliber and packed with powder. Originally billed as the world’s fastest .30 caliber cartridge, it will push a .30 caliber bullet more than 3,500 feet per second. Reintroduced as a Weatherby production cartridge in 1996.

20 Rounds per Box

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: N303200PT
Weatherby .30-378 Wby Mag Ammunition 20 Rounds NP 200 Grains
Caliber: .30-378 Weatherby Magnum
Bullet Weight: 200 Grains
Bullet Type: Nolser Partition Flat Base (NP) Projectile
Rounds: 20 Rounds per box
Muzzle Velocity: 3160 fps.
Muzzle Energy: 4434 ft/lbs.
Bullet Diameter: .308
Ballistic Coefficient: .481
Sectional Density: .301
Jacket Material: Copper
Core Material: Lead
Tip Material: Lead
Case Type: Reloadable brass case
Uses: Large Game

20 Rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Price is per box.