Virus Message


We appreciate your recent order and are working extended hours at Cheaper Than Dirt to get your ammunition, firearms, and gun gear to your door as quickly as possible.

As everyone is aware, the world has changed. Preparing and ordering key supplies in advance has put you ahead of the others hoarding. We salute you for having a plan, and making the smart decision to order early.

Cheaper Than Dirt has been swamped with more than ten times the standard number of orders in the last week. As a result, order processing is now about 21 days from when an order is placed. (The earlier you ordered, the earlier your package will ship.)

We will get your purchases shipped, and are processing them in the order they were received. Our warehouse teams are working around the clock to serve our customers, so please be patient.

We have sold large quantities of ammunition and the demand for guns and ammo only continues to climb.

With that in mind, we ask you to please not hoard ammunition. Buy only what you need.


Young boys join the Boy Scouts to learn self-reliance and responsibility. These individuals grow up to be serious, sober adults who work hard, plan their lives, and take responsibility for themselves and their families. Their dedication to preparedness is something we strive for as individual employees at Cheaper Than Dirt and something we respect in our customers.

Those who are waking now to a state of shortages and panic and confusion will find the world a harsh place. It's the new normal. Supplies will be hard to obtain and uncertainty will be everywhere. Those who did not plan will be too late and run into limited supplies, higher prices, and stress.

This virus is a natural event, and we are doing all we can to supply the market in these trying times. Again, to those of you who had a plan and are prepared, we salute you.

-The Owners and Staff of Cheaper Than Dirt