2-ULFUH357 Ulfhednar UH357

Ulfhednar Bolt Knob Black
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2-ULFUH357 Ulfhednar UH357
Model UH357 
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Ships Within 1 to 2 Business Days

The Spirit of the Ulfhednars Is Now Passed to You

The Ulfhednar (pronounced Ulf-heth-nar) were a group of Viking warriors. They wore wolf skin and their own skin was black-died. Similar to the Berserkers they performed chants and ritual prior to battle in order to get in a "Berserker Rage". With increased adrenaline they became much stronger, faster, and almost immune to pain.

Now you too can tap into this Norwegian company providing excellent gear for hunters, outdoorsmen and shooting sports enthusiasts. With testing performed in harsh environments, diverse forests, mountains and fjords you can rest assured of quality standards. Norway has cold winters, wet falls, and hot summers which require a special set of equipment and Ulfhednar users require high quality equipment with excellent workability.

Ulfhednar Bolt Knob (Black) Specifications and Features:

  • Ulfhednar UH357
  • Bolt Knob
  • Made In Norway
  • Black