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Wool Blanket Gray 40% Wool 60 x 80" New Military Style Warm and Comfortable

Multiple Manufacturers
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Three pound woolen blankets are perfect for use as emergency blankets in your car or truck, for outdoor concerts, or as camp blankets. These blankets measure 60x80" and come in three popular colors and four wool percentages.
Grey, 40% WoolCAMP-216
Grey, 50% WoolCAMP-217
Steel Grey, 60% WoolCAMP-218
OD Green, 70% WoolCAMP-219
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5.0 5
"I ordered three (3) of these wool blankets after visiting a local Military Surplus store- where they wanted me to pay for Vietnam-era, musty old blankets as if they were new! I confess, for the price I was a bit skeptical...but I figured it would keep me in good stead with the wifey! :-) So, I took a chance and ordered them.To my surprise- THEY ARE AWESOME BLANKETS! They are NOT uneven nor thinner/thicker on certain areas. My kids loved them and my wife, well- let's say Im in good stead still! :-)We're looking forward to using them in our next camping trip.Great deal!"
1.0 5
"Made in India.I bought three of these blankets as a source of cheap fabric for a Prototype project. I was not expecting the best of quality, but really! What a disappointment! When I opened the package I immediately knew I had a problem. The lint was filling the air around me and there was some sort of chemical smell. Took the blanket outside and shook it out. More of the same and I noticed that my hands had some sort of residue on them. Started to loose hope but did not want to give up on my investment just yet. Washed the blanket. The blackest wash water I have ever seen. Could not even see the blanket in there. Put the blanket in the dryer and came back in twenty minutes to check the lint trap. Almost could not get the screen pulled out it was so full! Two huge hand fulls of fiber twice the size of my fist. Pulled out a couple of more hand fulls through out the rest of the cycle. Left both the dryer and the washer filled with lint. Had to vacuum out both and run the washer to clean it out praying that I had not clogged the drain pipes. The blanket still smells and leaves a residue on your hands. I am tossing the blankets. I won't even give them to charity. I wouldn't do that to another person. At the time I bought these there was only one other review dated 8-7-2008 by J.Rivera who spoke highly of these blankets. He was either a planted review or did not get the same blankets. What a waste of time and money!!!"
4.0 5
"Well\uFFFDFirst of all \uFFFD you will get what you paid for.It is emergency/rescue type blanket \uFFFD warm enough to survive and don\uFFFDt expect anything fancy. The smell reminds me time in military barracks \uFFFD someone may or may not like it.The two washes will take the smell away. Once again \uFFFD they are very inexpensive warm blankets"
4.0 5
"Not a bad blanket,has a slight storage odor a couple days on the deck and a couple of washes should take care of it,a nice medium weight blanket for the truck and camper will buy more"
5.0 5
"We have just gotten the blankets we ordered. A good pre wash then a wash will take care of the packing smell. No I am not a plant. Yes, they do leave fiber afterwards, but I have used other wool blankets and they did the same... I like these, do to the lack of shrinking. I did not have any residue or film on my hands after opening all 5 of my blankets. The coloring is the dye product they use in color treatment. If you add a couple cups of vinager to the wash this will hold the color in... Just like a suit it fades after time. Project: Buy 2 yards of two different colors of fleece. Sew one of the fleece around the entire piece of wool. Take the second piece of wool and sew only three sides with both sides of the fleece touching each other. So you can climb in between the fleece. You can trim the entry area of the fleece to add a clean finish. Put blanket in dryer for 10 minutes and you have a warm hug... Place after taking out of dryer and put in between sheet and blankets on bed and it will stay warm for over an hour or more. I am hoping to have 100 of these blankets done by 2011."
1.0 5
"Bought two of these. As soon as I pulled them out of the bags wool fiber filled the air. I put them in the washer to get rid of the loose fibers... big mistake. One fell apart. Both lost a large amount of wool, a ball the size of a grapefruit. The surviving blanket went into the drier. Had to empty the lint trap every 5 minutes. The remaining blanket was probably only 20% wool. I spent an hour cleaning the washer and drier and getting all the itchy fibers off EVERYTHING! Both went in the trash."
5.0 5
"I use wool blankets. I have more than a handful that I use in wilderness for bushcraft and camping. Just so everybody knows ALL WOOL BLANKETS ARE DRY CLEAN ONLY. Putting them in a washer will thin them out , can make them fall apart and will take away the oils that are used on them when they are made that makes a wool blanket so warm and durable. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE WASH YOU WILL RUIN THEM."
4.0 5
"I was skeptical as to how good of quality these would be. They are great! That cheap chemically feel everyone keeps complaining about is actually the lanolin from the wool fibers. This is the stuff that keeps the blanket almost water proof, and at the very least a repellent. It's great when I'm trying to pack light, and need something to keep me warm and dry at camp. It does have that surplus store smell, but I just washed them in wool wash. I lined dried them and they are fine. They will lose a lot of fibers if you accidently washed them in hot or warm water. They will be basically be ruined, but I just treat them like wool sweaters (previous lesson learned). All in all, a great blanket for the price. Just remember people they are wool, so you can't treat them like regular toss in the washer blankets."
4.0 5
"Yep...same darn blankets we had on the ship, same smell, same size...they wear well, they are warm around you on a cold Football game, they are Cheaperthandirt, we used to pay a lot more in the service when we ordered them. I have tons of them for all different reasons, bottom line they work."
3.0 5
"Simple military style blanket. Do not make the mistake I made by washing this blanket. The material begins to deteriorate if it is washed."
5.0 5
"These blankets are great. I bought them for the family and I will be buying more to put in the truck and just a few extra to have on hand. Make sure to wash them correctly or they will break down. Shipping was fast and was delivered on time. One more great job from Cheaper Than Dirt."
1.0 5
"The review about dry clean wool only is B.S. Good wool blankets can be washed over and over. You just have to take special care.These are garbage and CTD should be ashamed to sell them. There is even wash instructions on the package but the wool will come completely out and clog washer pumps. I had to wipe down the inside of the washer drum and had over a handful of wool. More fell out as I toted them to the deck outside. I didn't even consider putting this mess into our dryer."