Wise Foods Long Term Freeze Dried Meat Bucket 60 Servings of Meat with 20 Servings of Rice 01-702

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When things go from bad to worse is not the time to think about your families prepping supplies. Wise Foods makes planning your family's food stores easy by giving you high quality nutrition in easy to store, easy to carry, easy to prepare pouches. The 60 Serving Gourmet Freeze Dried Meat is an outstanding addition to your prepping supplies. Finding quality protein can be a real issue over the long haul. With the Wise Foods Long Term Freeze Dried Meat Bucket you can feed your family the highest quality food stores possible. Easy to fix and absolutely delicious.

Southwest Style Chicken (12 Servings)
Cheesy Beef (8 Servings)
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Stroganoff Beef (8 Servings)
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