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Winchester USA 9mm Full Metal Jacket 115 Grain, 1190 fps, 100 Round Value Pack, USA9MMVP

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Maybe the best bargain around for range ammo. Winchester USA is brass cased and reliable but at a super price. This 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm) will not disappoint. Launching a 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket at 1190 fps and packaged in 100 Round Value Pack.

Muzzle Velocity: 1190 fps
Muzzle Energy: 362 ft/lbs
50 Yard Velocity: 1071 fps
50 Yard Energy: 293 ft/lbs

100 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Ammo price is per box


Item#: 67851
Total number of Reviews: 41

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5.0 5
"I shot 100 rounds through my Glock 17. Not a mis feed or jam. I would recommend this ammo to anybody that shoots a Glock 17 9mm. This ammo is very accurate. I will buy more of this ammo."
– Good Ammo
5.0 5
"great ammo, accurate, no jams/missfeeds/missfires."
– robert
5.0 5
"I shot 100 rounds through my Glock 17 9mm. Not a miss feed or jam. I will buy more of Winchester ammo."
– Good Stuff
5.0 5
"This stuff is reliable, relatively cheap and clean. In the days of high ammo prices, this stuff makes it a little easier to hit the range."
– Dave
4.0 5
"This is some great budget range ammo. My wife and I have shot 600 rounds so far threw our Beretta M9A1 with out a single problem. The downside is that it gets your gun dirtier faster than with premium ammo, and has some kind of coating on the outside that leaves your hands yellow after loading a box worth of mags. With that said, this ammo is still cleaner than Wolf or Blazer. Accuracy is good considering the price. I'm able to make fist sized groups at 10 yards off hand, which is about as good as I can personally do with any ammo."
– From Calif
5.0 5
"My initial order for this ammunition arrived within three days of ordering, so great job on the service from CTD! Unfortunately it came one box short. I contacted support about this and they handled the issue exceptionally well. Definitely great service from CTD, and the ammo works well in my two pistols. Way to go CTD!"
– Walleye
5.0 5
"Shot 100 rounds through my P228. About half way through, one FTE. Other than that, it performed great. I would buy them again at this great price."
– Cobblecanyon
4.0 5
5.0 5
"I shot 200 rounds of this ammo through my glock 17. No problems at all. Will buy more of this ammo."
– Good
2.0 5
"I've shot close to 400 rounds of this ammo through my Taurus PT111 Pro. I will admit the ammo is very close to being a laser shot of the the gun, but the ammo is very very dirty. I've shot several other types of 9mm luger through the gun that was alot cleaner. i would buy it again if it was on sale, but i'd rather spend my money on better ammo."
– mike
5.0 5
"I shoot about 300 rounds a month through my glock 17 every month. After 5 months, i have not had one FTE."
– Brandan
5.0 5
"Over 1000 rounds though my Taurus PT 24/7 Millennium Pro, and not one problem yet."
– Thing_2
3.0 5
"Over all id say this was a medium grade ammo. Extremely dirty to fire. I went through 200 rounds back to back and it left gun powder on my hand. After the range I went to clean my fire arm and I could not believe how dirty it was. I had to go and clean it twice. If you really like this ammo I'd suggest you buy a M-pro 7 cleaning kit."
– Mister
5.0 5
"i have shot about 1000 rounds of this ammo, great stuff, only had one jam from a poorly seated bullet (kinked the case). will continue to buy. cheap, a little dirty but who cares, just clean the gun"
– PF-9
5.0 5
"I've shot well over 4000 rounds of this ammo at the range in multiple 9mm handguns, and so far it's the best performing range ammo I've used. You get an occasional round issue from a FTE or A round that won't chamber right, but it's very rare and normally the rest of the box will be OK. I've tried going with Blazer and Remington UMC thinking they may be able to perform as well and have always come back to the Winchester 100 pack. If you go to the range a lot with the 9mm, get this stuff. Very accurate out to even 50 yards in a compact, clean enough although it does leave behind some brass in the gun that needs to be cleaned out, and top reliability compared to others."
– Kevin
4.0 5
"ive shot about 500 rds in my glock 19 no poblems cleaned gun just recently a litle dirty but for the price ill take it anyday"
– george
5.0 5
"I rate this ammo to the highest! i have shot thousands of these 9mm and never a problem at all,,,thank you winchester for having a great cheap shell to shoot."
– Glenn
5.0 5
"I have two 9mm's, a Rugar P89 and a Kahr PM9 and this ammo works perfectly in both. My Rugar is hardly touchy when it comes to ammo but my Kahr is! The Russian ammo doesn't work to well in my Kahr but this Winchester Target/Range ammo works everytime. The various Russian 9mm ammunitions that I've used are not that accurate and not that impressive. Now that I have plenty of experience with ammo from pretty much all over I have to say that the Winchester Target/Range 115-grain FMJ bullet is by far the best for target shooting. I have yet to find ammunition as good and as accurate as this one for the price."
4.0 5
"shot 500 rounds in my new beretta 92fs not 1 jam or misfire great ammo at a low price"
– 9mm vic
5.0 5
"I have shot about 500 rounds thru my Springfield XDm 9mm and no misfires. Good and cheap ammo to shoot at the range, just very hard to find right now."
– Suth
5.0 5
"Hey fellow shooters...I love this ammo. It's very true that this ammo leaves your gun a little dirty in the end, but really who cares for the price tag! The rounds are also loose in the box, as they are not individualized in the packaging as many of other ammo's. Again, who cares? You get a good bang for your buck, literally! I have shot this ammo with my Glock 19 without any problems whatsoever after approx 600 rounds. I have also used this ammo with a Sig Sauer P226 and have had the same accurate experience with both weapons.This ammo is definitely worth the purchase. Happy shooting!"
– SpinPhoto4U2
4.0 5
"This ammunition is not great, but it works well for target practice. The only complaint I have is how much grime is left in the gun afterwards. Also, little bits of the jacket are spread throughout your pistol after your shoot. But the price is unbeatable. The cheapest ammo around..."
– Austin
5.0 5
"ive shot this ammo for 25 years no problems this ammo is military run offs thier not perfect discolored a little military wants perfect shiny ammo you people complaining about dirty ammo should have done time in the military maybe you wouldnt be too lazy to clean youre weapon the military uses it so its good enough for anybody bet youre life on that ill shot it another 25 years if i live long enough good job CTD KEEP IT UP AND DOUBLE YOURE ORDERS THANKS MOUNTAIN MAN 75th RANGER RGT"
– 75th RANGERS
4.0 5
"I have a Ruger SR9 and have fired all different brands of ammo through it. This particular round from Winchester gives me the best accuracy and dependability. I love taking it to the range. It does leave my barrel dirtier than other rounds, but it does not bother me because you're supposed to clean your gun after firing it anyway. Overall it is worth the price (as long as it is bought from Cheaper than Dirt). I will definately continue to buy this ammo."
– DB
1.0 5
"I can\uFFFDt hit a thing at 25 yards with this ammo. I put 200 rounds through my FNH and I\uFFFDm all over the place. I switched to independence and lawman and the weapon is dead on. I also have the same problem with my 45."
– avid shooter
5.0 5
"This is the only ammo I have ever shot out of my Ruger P89. Not once has it jammed or misfired. Very accurate ammmo as well."
– Rob D
3.0 5
"I bought a box of and shot them through Smith & Wesson model 659 and 669. Almost every magazine I had a jam. This happened on both guns and more on the 659. I used other brand ammo with no problems. For the price I would buy it for target practice, but only if this was all I could find."
– sw9mm
2.0 5
"We have a brand new SIG 229 XCT. The Cadillac. Well, I guess I should have been shooting high-end ammo, but I thought I could trust Winchester. Almost every magazine did not lock open after the last round and there were jam(s)in every stack. It was so bad that I began to doubt the SIG. Then I switched over to a different brand with more grains marked personnel defense and went problem free the rest of the day. Be careful Winchester, we take this stuff seriously."
– Sig Owner
5.0 5
"I put 100 rounds through my new Italian 92fs not a single problem. Great target ammo."
– sinisterbud
5.0 5
"I put another 400 rounds through my 92fs. Not a single problem."
– Sinisterbud
5.0 5
"I just picked up 500 rounds thanks to CTD's great price. Best on the net. I have put over 1,500 of these rounds through my XD 9mm and haven't had a single problem. No accuracy problems either."
– SeattleXD
5.0 5
"Altogether now 800 rounds through my 92FS and still not a single problem. I have another 500 on the way. The price and quality are unbeatable anywhere."
– sinisterbud
3.0 5
"I don't know how the Winchester operates, but it looks like the ammo comes from several different plants. E.g. its quality, as they say, \"may vary\". I had no problems with my 92FS; however, my CZ-75 didn't like this ammo at all: at least one jam per every clip. Though no jams after switching to Federal."
– Happy Camper
4.0 5
"I have 3 pistols in my rack and all love this White Box ammo. My S&W Compact groups consistently 3 in just right of center (aim center of mass - heart shot - dead right there!) I have lost count of how many rounds now - average range run is 200 rounds and I do that frequently just for fun. My S&W Model 59 eats'em up with nary a hitch, too. Then I have a Star 9mm Firestar that you'd swear this ammo was custom tailored for. I know everyone has their opinion about White Box Ammo, but I won't hesitate to carry it anywhere, anytime. Never had a FTF, no feed problems, and not really any more dirty than the more expensive stuff. Spend your money wisely: buy Winchester White Box and practice, practice, practice!"
– LtCol LDD, Army Infantry
4.0 5
"These are an excellent value. Reloadable brass and priced to buy in bulk. Gonna buy more."
– DeathShot
5.0 5
"A great round for the range. I've shot hundreds with no malfunctions."
– TMartinLVNV
5.0 5
"Great inexpensive round for target shooting. It\uFFFDs clean and reliable. Have not had any problems with it so far. I use it with my glock 26. It stores fairly well and I have come to depend on its reliability. People seem to have an issue with the packaging of the 100 round value pack but hey, it\uFFFDs the rounds you are shooting not the box."
– comfortable dave
4.0 5
"High quality and inexpensive,shoot it all the time and have not had a problem yet,its clean and very reliable."
– comfortable dave
5.0 5
"Shot over 2K rounds through a Glock 17 with no issues at all. Clean, reliable and well priced ammo. It might not be as cheap as some of the lower end ammo, but the price is still right for what you get. Would like to see a price break on buying 1K rounds or more. Winchester White Box (WWB) is definitely my go to 9mm range ammo!"
– Nick
5.0 5
"Great ammo! Burned through 200 rounds in a Glock 26 (3rd Gen) and a Ruger SR9c. No problems whatsoever! No FTFs or FTEs. Combine this ammo with other items and you can't beat the price."
– David
5.0 5
"Best price I could find. Very fast shipping. Will get more when they get in stock."
– C Smith