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Winchester USA XM885 5.56 NATO 62 Grain FMJ 20 Round Box

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The NATO SS109 62 grain steel core "penetrator" bullet is used in the M855 round. This ammo is more effective at penetrating hard targets. The 62 grain "green tip" M855 is used by the US military. The US made M855 is painted with a green tip to distinguish it from M193, so that troops do not shoot M855 in their 1:12" twist barreled M16's that would fail to properly stabilize the heavier and much longer bullet (length being a primary factor in bullet stabilization).

Muzzle velocity: 3020 fps
Muzzle energy: 1255 ft/lbs
Uses: Target, Training, Plinking

20 Rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Price is per box.


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Total number of Reviews: 13

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5.0 5
"This ammo is Winchester M855 Nato @ 3025 fps. It is top notch (not seconds as in the Lake City \"X\" series ammo) 62 grain penetrator M855 ammunition at an excellent price I might add. It comes in a plain white box and is the identical ammunition as the Winchester Ranger M855 that is sold to law enforcement. Before Federal took over operations from Winchester at the Lake City Arsenal this was the ammo supplied to our troops. Ask yourself this, do I want to buy seconds for $13.29 or first rate @ $8.98."
2.0 5
"I received my order in a timely fashion, and was excited to get the ammo. However, when I opened the ammo for inspection, I discovered that about half of the rounds in each box were dented. Furthermore, I also noticed that about five rounds per box were unsafe to shoot, since the brass was deformed or extremely dented. As a result, I believe this ammo is factory rejects, which was due to the ammo being defective. Nevertheless, I am not referring to out-of spec ammo, which I have had no issues with XM193 by Federal. All-in-all, this ammo is not worth the money, because the ammo that I received appeared to be severely damaged."
5.0 5
"I just bought 1000 rounds of this stuff and it is in great shape. I have also bought Lake city M855 in the past and this stuff is in much better condition. A very few have small dings in the case but it is in better condition than Lake City M855. It also comes in 20 round boxes and is about $2 cheaper per box than Lake City. No complaints, just good ammo.When it hits the fan, it's gonna be me and Mr. rifle."
1.0 5
"Avoid this ammunition. I dont know whats going on over at Winchester but I've had them on the phone Friday and I am seeking some kind of replacement or refund for this garbage. I bought 600 rounds of this stuff. I found over 200 rounds whose cases were so badly damaged i wouldnt fire them. Another 100 or so rounds had dings in them. Then to my bewilderment about 20 rounds were coated with some sticky dark substance, almost all of these rounds had gunpowder stuck to the sticky residue. One round inparticular was one big clump of gunpowder. Literally. it was covered from top to bottom with the sticky stuff anf clumped with gunpowder. These must be seconds or rejects or something along those lines. I would reccomend winchesteres Q3131, or theyre Q3131a1 as its always been really good stuff. But this garbage is to be avoided."
5.0 5
"Only thing I have a problem with is some of the green paint chiping on a round or two... The rounds look like they are in decent shape. My casings are marked 09.... Get them while you can as I noted earlier. This is as good as the M855 Lake City ammo, and I can not understand why this would be \"factory second ammo\". Plink with this if u like, but this is the good stuff that swat, police officers, etc. are using! Safe shooting!"
1.0 5
"Thankfully I only ordered 4 boxes. Seventy five percent of the casings had anywhere from significant dents to small dings, many of which I will not run through my rifle. These must have come from the bottom of the pile."
4.0 5
"I don\uFFFDt know what all the whining was about. I got 6 boxes of this ammo and checked it all, only a very few dents. Same as all mil-spec ammo. It\uFFFDs a good buy. Will get more later"
4.0 5
"I guess none of you have ever been in a real blood and guts fire fight where the ammo comes off the stripper clips so fast it makes your thumbs sore. I have been in four major war zones and never seen a perfect cartridge. I shoot this stuff all the time in an Armalite M4 rifle and an ACR. No issues. If your looking for perfect cases buy Winchester Supreme hunting ammo. This is first class ammo for the price.I have fired over 4,500 rounds through both rifles and no issues. Join the Marines and see what Uncle Sam gives you in Afghanistan."
4.0 5
"There is nothing wrong with this ammo. Some of the cases have micro dents equivalent to what you would find in new unladed brass. The dents should never be an issue and they will \"shoot out.\" Good ammo for a great price."
5.0 5
"Excellent, accurate and no fails. There is NOTHING wrong with the brass. Shoot through an old pick up truck real fine."
5.0 5
"Just received 500 rounds of this in 3 days of ordering. This stuff is great will order more."
4.0 5
"Using an Olympic Arms AR-15 and a DoubleStar Star-15 I had no failures or issues. However, neither of these rifles would toss the brass any more than a few inches from the ejection port. We were testing many kinds of ammo both steel case and brass (about 200 rounds), none of the other ammo did this. It is not an issue that would keep me from buying more, but I'm still scratching my head...."
2.0 5
"2/3rds of the casings were dented, and some were split. If I hadn't taken an hour and gone through and inspected every round, I wouldn't have found the ones with split necks (YIKES! EXPLOSIVO!), or deep gouges in the cases. I sorted my rounds into 3 grades, Grade A being what I expected when I bought the ammunition, B being the lowest grade I deem safe to shoot (Hopefully, some are pretty messed up) and C. I'm a little upset with cheaperthandirt for not saying that the casings were not only reloaded, but dented as well."