Wilson Combat 1911 ETM-V, Vickers Duty Magazine, .45 ACP, Full-Size, 8 Round, Steel Base Pad

Wilson Combat
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Wilson Combat ETM Vickers Duty Mag

The Vickers Duty Mag increases reliability in 1911 pistols has a completely sealed construction with rear witness hole that nearly eliminates lip spreading and ingress points for sand and debris.
The redesigned follower has sand cuts to reduce friction when dirty or heavily fouled and the new last round detent will solve last round reliability issues in the 1911 design.
The heat-treated MAX flatwire construction never gets stressed or over-compressed like a conventional spring and is guaranteed to never require replacement even after high round counts or daily, extreme duty use.

Up to 25% stronger than standard 1911 mag springs for superior reliability with defensive and +P loads and more positive slide lockback .
Maximum longevity MAX flatwire spring will never lose optimum feeding tension as long as you own the magazine -guaranteed! Extensively tested by the Wilson Combat Shooting Team and testfire crew.
Maximum corrosion resistance-heat treated stainless MAX spring wont corrode in high humidity or marine environments-a leading cause of service pistol spring fatigue.
The ETM started with a blank sheet of paper and 30+ years of 1911 and 1911 magazine experience. It WILL set a new standard in 1911 magazines while redefining state-of-the-art.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 800
Capacity: 8 Rounds
Caliber: .45 ACP
Materials: Aircraft Grade Certified Stainless Steel
Corrosion Resistant
Multi-Step Tumbling and Finishing Process Provides Smooth Follower Operation and Insertion into the Weapon
Observation Slots Moved to the Rear of the Tube
Innovative Follower Design With Extended Skirt
Self-Lubricating F iber-Filled Nylon Follower
Positive Slide-Lock After the Last Round has been Fired
Space-Age Stainless Steel Spring Wire is Phenomenal for Spring Life
The ETM Seats and Locks in the Weapon with the Slide Down
Removable Base Pad for Easy Maintenance and Versatility with Different Base Pad Options
The Quality Control Behind the ETM Promises a Lifetime of Smooth and Reliable Operation


Wilson Combat will replace any magazine tube that spreads, cracks or becomes unusable during normal use.
Wilson Combat magazine springs and followers are considered consumable items and may require replacing after extensive use.

Item#: MAG-989-005