Wildgames Innovations Greens N-Raged Deer Attractant Pourable Food Plot 5 lb 00082

Wildgame Innovations
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Why use Greens N Raged? What are the benefits of a "Pourable Food Plot"? Whitetails are widely known as the ultimate browser and there is no doubt that they love their greens. Foods plots are a top choice for hunters in nourishing, holding, and locating deer, but let's face it, not all us hunters are farmers and most hunters don't have the time, money, or equipment to establish a food plot every single season. Also, what happens if we plant a food plot and it does not come up or does not last as long as we planned? What if we can draw, hold, and nourish whitetail all season long without going through the pains of planting and procuring a food plot? With Greens N-Raged, the work is already done and our back up plan is here! Wildgame Innovations is bringing us a perfect food plot in a bag that we don't have to plant, just pour it out and hunt!

A Crossover or Hybrid product combines harvested food plot greens with powerful food supplements into one ready to use superior attractant! The genius behind Greens N-Raged is an ultra concentrated combination of the best food plot greens from all over the country already harvested, shredded, blended, and bagged with best drawing power of all food plots without the pains of planting! Greens N-Raged is made ready to pour out directly on the ground to instantly draw, hold, and nourish whitetail with a powerful real taste of alfalfa, clover, oats, wheat, turnips, and chicory in a green pile of goodness. They even blended in some roasted soybean meal to the mix for an extra punch of nutrition and attraction.