Walkers Game Ear Disposable Foam Ear Plug -32dB Noise Reduction Rating 100 Total Plugs/50 Pairs Plastic Bag

Walkers Game Ear
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Walkers Game Ear foam ear plugs are for more that just the shooting range. These little life savers come in handy in a variety of places you may or may not expect. This little foam ear plugs has the ability to reduce up to -32 dB when properly installed. Not only are these great for a range bag, but also if you work around heavy machinery, or on a construction site, or if you have a snoring partner. These disposable ear plugs are comfortable and they come conveniently packed in a plastic bag. You will receive 100 total ear plugs which is equivalent to 50 pairs.

Specifications and Features:
Walkers Game Ear GWP-FP-50BAG
Foam Ear Plug
-32 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating)
Conforms to shape of ear
Foam tips ideal for loud environments
100 total ear plugs
50 total pairs
Plastic Bag


Item#: 44256