Vexilar SonarPhone T BOX Sonar Transmitter SP200 SP200

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Turn your phone or tablet into a fish finder with the Vexilar SonarPhone T BOX. The SonarPhone installs permanently in your boat, providing a high performance sonar system with automatic ranging and sensitivity, audible alarms and a transmit range of 100 yards. The SonarPhone T BOX works without a cell signal and requires a 12 volt power supply.

Specifications and Features:

Automatic Ranging, Sensitivity
Transmit Range: 100 yards
Water Temperature, Depth Indicator
Audible Alarms for Fish/ Shallow/Low Battery
Fish Icon
Zoom Bottom Track
Noise Rejection
Surface Clarity
Battery Indicator
Screen controls: Touch screen, split screen display with touch screen zoom control.
For Boat Use and Installations
Permanent boat installation: SP200
Transducer: High-speed skimmer-style transducer with keel offset and 6 meters of cable.
Max depth range: 240 Feet
Sonar frequency: 200/83 kHz Dual Beam 20/40
Power source: 12V DC power
Power output: 800 Watts Peak-to-Peak
Transmit speed: 100 Mbps