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Leapers UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest

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Designed by SWAT team members, this nylon quilted vest is durable and comfortable and the pouches are placed so they are accessible from any position. Has a heavy zipper closure and a single snap strap to prevent pulling. A velcro flap covers the bottom of the zipper to prevent zipper damage or hang ups. Shoulders and waist are adjustable and fit up to a 50" chest. All pouches have snapping flap closures. Radio pouch, holster, two pistol mag pouches, two rifle mag pouches, flashlight pouch, baton pouch, ammo pouch with shotshell elasticized holder, elasticized rifle cartridge holder, and 7x3" back pouch for ammo. All stitching is reinforced to secure the gear. Velcro strip on back for attaching patches.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturers Number: PVC-V548BL
Mag Pouches
Gear Pouches
Ammo Pouches

Item#: 2-UTGPVC-V548BL,9-263393,BJR-825,16-PVC-V548BL
Total number of Reviews: 56

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4.0 5
"The vest is good money for the price..the holster will only \"securely\" hold large frame pistols..for example glock 19 will fit loosely etc. Not shown are the adjustments cords on both sides of the vest. The vest will fit over thick clothing but will droop toward the front if fully loaded down with gear, ammo, and other equipment. The baton holder is fairly useless as it will accept only the largest/longest length batons. The shell holder on the breast is fully removable and the vest is well stitched and fairly comfortable for long wear. If the holster was better improved upon and the baton pocket removed or replaced I would have no problems paying more this vest. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and work security assignments occasionally."
– infidell
5.0 5
"I bought this vest several months ago as a gift for my son-in-law. I liked it so much after seeing it, I asked my wife to buy me one for my birthday. Love it! It really holds a lot of stuff and it's very lightweight, convienient and comfortable. Excellant adjustments for any size! Highly recommend this item!"
– JK
5.0 5
"I just got this vest for a couple of reasons. One for paintball it works great for holding extra pods and other gear. I also recently took it on a Mountain Lion hunt it worked well in the thick brush but did tend to drope forward when fully loaded. otherwise when not as much gear is needed like in deer hunts coyotes ect. It works very well and is suprisingly strong. Overall its a great multipurpose vest."
– zelmo
4.0 5
"I received this vest as a gift over the holiday, and I was absolutely thrilled with the product. It is a great vest for shooting, at an even better price. Though I must agree that the holster is fairly useless unless you are using a larger handgun. The only problem I had with this vest was the the thumb break for the holster. Moments before writing this review, I was opening the the thumb break, and the snap completely broke. I was none too thrilled about that, to say the least. However, this is definitely a great vest...and I doubt that many others will have the same issues with a snap on the thumb break as I did."
– Rob
3.0 5
"This is an excellent vest for the range. The pistol holster isn't really well thought out and your pistol has the potential to get hung up on the magazing pouch. The baton pouch is useless for a baton but works perfectly for an INOVA 3 C-battery flashlight. The smaller pouch works well for a mid-sized pepper spay. The shoulder/radio pouch perfectly fits Motorola Talkabout radios. It's excellent for the price. I just wish it came in other colors like khaki, or OD green."
– Weaponsaint
5.0 5
"My Brother and I both purchased one of these tactical vests several months back and areboth very pleased. We use them for target shooting and for entry drills. the only complaint we have is the size of the holster for your sidearm. Its larger than it should be and even my full sized 1911 fits loosly."
– Burger
4.0 5
"great vest for the price.I got this vest for home intruders( crime is getting out of hand were i live). gun holster, I had to do some work on to fit my CZ52 in it. I used upholstery tread to make adjustments. Its nice that the front rifle mag pouch can hold 4 AR15 mags. and other grear."
– Lonewolf
4.0 5
"Ok, heres what you can do with this vest. I dont like the postion of the pistol holster, but you can fit a Kimber Warrior with TLR1/2 in it and snug it tight...No tac light, dont bother...you'll drop your piece...The Baton holder Fits (2) 15 rd 1911 clips TIGHT...they wont fall out...\"Id rather throw bullets than a stick\"so make this vest optimal. You can fit 8rd 1911's with clip Extension(bumper) for those of you with Speed wells in any of the designated pouches. The upper pocket(radio pocket) will also fit pistol clips. the patch for the shotgun shells has not failed. Not applicable for my use but have had no problems with patch losing retention or falling off. The pouches accomidate ar 15 Clips with no hassle....you have a small storage pouch for whatever,cleaning tools,tac light,glasses,etc etc. and the back pouch can be used for whatever suits your needs...not everyones the same and there is no wrong combination to what works for you. Although the pouch on the back can be a little tricky to get to when its on(not practical for spare clips if you need them immediately.) this vest fits great...is very comfortable and affordable. Im just a Tac-Freak(nonmilitary/officer) and for those of you who like to be prepared, i find this vest very suitable for my needs. Check out the Molle vests for better pistol postioning and more options(armor,pouches,etc etc)."
– Crash
5.0 5
"well i bought this vest a couple days ago and it is wonderful. i like them two big pockets because they hold my ak mags plus it fit alright it is not to loose and it's not to tight. and the shotgun bullet holder is great to so i wont carry them in my pockets all around the vest is great so if your pondering about getting one go ahead and buy you wont be loosing nothing and it is not a waste of money."
– jerome
5.0 5
"i bought this vest and tactical helmet for paintball and it is AWSOME the pistol holister is to big for a pistol but if big enough it can fit a good sized paintball gun i used the rifle bullet elasics for paint grenades and its great"
– w00tman
5.0 5
"I bought one of these 3 or 4 years ago to help carry gear while hiking/camping. I only recently purchased my first gun (Hi-Point C-9 clone) and this vest is still shining quality wise. I can carry my gun+clip, 6 extra clips, 4*50 round boxes for a total of 256 rounds, the 4 knives that I always carry, my CTD extendable batton, and my flashlight with moderate longterm comfort.The holster carries my gun quite well, though the thumb-break retainer required a minor adjustment to optimally secure my weapon. This is only due to the bulky structure of the weapon itself.Brian H. Washington State, 22 Yrs old."
– Brian H.
2.0 5
"Well, this vest seems fairly durable, I will not try to deny this... The side adjustments are not shown in the picture for a reason, they SUCK. Elastic cords with a plastic sinch stopper. Load this vest half full and it starts moving all over the place on you. And the cords are \"laced\" up the sides, looks like lingerie. The Pistol mag pouches hold M92 mags well, but large size mags especially 45's don't fit. The holster is a joke, as it fits sloppy and has to be modified for the thumb break to work at all. Rifle mag pouches do what they are supposed to, as well as get in the way of drawing your pistol. Pouch in back is good for added gear, rain poncho, binoculars, etc. Has a velcro strip for an FBI or SWAT patch accross the back which is cool if you want to use that for team ID in airsoft or paintball play. Radio pouch works well for all three FRS band radios I own, and shotshell loops work as they should. Rifle cartridge loops are right where you should hold the butt of a rifle, not very well thought out at all. Has a loop in the front by the zipper for a ball point pen, which is good for filling out tags when hunting. LEFT HAND ZIP??? Just like the clothes they make for toddlers so their mommys can zip it for them, go figure.OVERALL, it is cheap. The smaller you are around, the better the side adjustments work. If you are a big guy, look for something else, that is what I am doing. If you can't sew don't think you are going to use the holster. Hope this review was helpfull in making sure only the people this vest is suited for will buy it."
– xd45guy
4.0 5
"WOW this vest is really cool looking. it works great for carrying everything you need for hunting or just shooting. the main thing is that it looks bad @$$."
– that guy
4.0 5
"I bought this a long while ago from this site, and I must say, for what I paid for it, it has held up remarkably well. It is indeed a very durable vest and, in that regard, is definitely worth what you pay for it. It is crafted from a very tough material; I've put this vest through hell, and it has not torn or worn. Its adjustment system is decent; it adjusts by way of velcro on the shoulders and lace-up paracord on the side. Admittedly, this isn't the most efficient way to adjust something, and if you're a thin guy like me, this can get downright annoying if, after you've tightened it, you're left over with a couple feet of paracord hanging off the side. The simple solution to this, I've discovered, is to either tie it up or simply cut it off. Either way works. Aside from the somewhat lousy adjustment system, the vest is fairly comfortable. The pouches are all very useful, however, though I wouldn't recommend using the flashlight pouch for anything; stuff has a nasty tendency to fall out of it if you're moving around much. Other than that, I'm able to fit three 30-round M4/M16 mags into either one of the front pockets (though they definitely do not fit AK-47/74 mags, regrettably), and despite what previous reviewers have said I am able to fit .45 single stack and 9mm mags into the pistol mag pouches on the chest. I have no real complaints about the thumb break; it's made for larger frame autos than the 1911 Gov't (which is what I use), that's for sure, but it's far more reliable than many other holsters I've used. This vest's major weakness, in my opinion at least, is its lack of MOLLE/PALS/ALICE webbing on the back of the vest. Normally, this allows for the attachment of ALICE/MOLLE gear such as hydration packs and general purpose pouches, but on this vest the back is empty with the exception of a vertical utility pouch. The pouch is useful, but not as useful as modular webbing on the back would have been.Overall, I'd rate this vest as very good for what you ...."
– D. Kidd
5.0 5
"I got this vest several moths ago its a great vest I love how nice it fit and how well it holds up to the elements; I recommend this vest it is a great buy don\uFFFDt miss out on it."
– Noel Martinez
3.0 5
"I know what youre thinkin, this vest looks almost the same as the one solid snake wore on that hit video game Metal Gear solid 2 when he was disquised as a Navy seal? that 's what i thought when i bought it. it's an ok vest. IF YOU ARE ANY LARGER THAN 5' 8\" AND 160LBS I'D ADVISE TO GET THE ONE DOWN A COUPLE ROWS, FOR 49.99, ITS A HELL OF AN INVESTMENT MORE TO SIMPLY BUY THE RIGHT THING INSTEAD OF THIS. But if you are a small or young hunter or shooter this vest will do you good for a long time. Now i just use this vest for paintball only. EXTRA NOTE... DON'T EXPECT TO LOAD THE HANDGUN HOLSTER WITH ANYTHING LARGER THAN A BARETTA 9MM OR PREFFERABLY AN M1911A1 SINCE THE MAGAZINE POUCHES WILL ONLY CARRY UP TO THAT SIZE OF CLIP! KEEP ON SHOOTING! ,Andrew"
– Andrew
4.0 5
"I bought this vest for myself to wear on duty durring special situations. I am very pleased with this product. It holds all of my ar-15 mags and my 1911 mags no problem. The only thing i dont like is the holster. It dosent work for a damn unless u modify it a little bit. Even ofter modifing it a bit my 1911 fits loosly. other than that all of my gear fits fine. I like the pouch on the back i use it for a map when im on duty. I also like the velcrow strip on the back between the shoulder blades. Great for large velcrow patches. But over all this vest is a great buy for the money. Other than the holster its perfect for my kind of work."
– LT.Strode
3.0 5
"vest feels cheap,its also too small for me and im a pretty short guy.but it looks good and has plenty of pockets"
– colt45
4.0 5
"Not bad, not bad at all. Could be better. If you do airsoft or paintball, you'll get your money's worth. If you're doing a 3-gun match, which I plan on using this for, could be a little better. First things first: carefully pick threading and remove that confounded CTD patch off the right breast pocket. You've got a baton pouch AND a flash light pouch. Nice. Holds 4 AR mags. The waist adjustment chords are elastic; they ought to be para-chord. The holster....it all comes down to the holster. The thumb-snap is on the wrong side of the holster. So while your're wrapping your fingers around your pistol grip, your thumb has to go to the opposite side of the weapon from what is natural just to get it out. The \"adjustable\" strap for the holster is best described as \"auto-adjusting\". Sounds cool huh? It's not. When you buy the vest, you'll see what I mean. I 'm sure it'll hold your airsoft sidearm. I'm not sure about a real gun. The vest is real nice for the price. You won't be too disappointed."
– Jason
3.0 5
"Bought this for training. Very confortable and holds plenty of mags. Not real convenient placement of the mag pouches on the left chest (hard to reload with your weapon still pointed at the target), and I never used the holster, but M4 mags and MP5 mags fit ok. The radio pouch is a little small, but fits a cell phone or IPOD pretty well if you're at the range."
– SwatMedic
3.0 5
"I bought this vest a few months ago. It works pretty well, except one of the snaps broke after opening the large pocket on the bottom right twice! And the only other thing I don't like is the front zipper, its backwards as in a girls type coat zipper??? What the ???? Thats why you lost two bullets for the rating."
– Macheteleader
4.0 5
"I bought this vest a tear ago and it is excellent. Like the review below this one says the bottom right pocket botton ripped off of mine to. But I put it back on an it isnt a problem. I use this vest for airsoft and its great. I use a G36C and an M9 pistol and this vest is great for my spare mags. The release time is tough to get down for the pistol, it just seems it is a little too hard to unsnap when you need it. I do use the upper left walkie talkie pouch. Its great for night games.(just make sure you turn the send & recieve beep off) Great vest i suggest it.. Just look at the price. Great quality vest.."
– Mr. Anderson
5.0 5
"I like these vest part of the elastic for the rifle bullets came lose but thats alright becuse I use it for target pracite weath my air guns for fun"
– ok vest
5.0 5
"I am exetremly pleased with this vest. I was worried that at 6'3\" and 270 pounds it wouldnt fit, but it does! My AK47 30rd mags fit snugly into the two front mag pouches, and the shotgun shell holder works good. The Shot holder is placed via velcro, so you can slightly re-adjust it. The rifle bullet holder works, but I wouldnt use it since thats where you place the butt of your rifle. I dont really like the flashlight and baton holders however. They come up half way, then theres empty space, way to much. Anything you have in there, unless its wide enough to not budge, will just fall out. They have a CTD patch on the upper right pocket, take it off. Other then that, its a superb vest for the price."
– Bill
4.0 5
"The vest is a very good vest, great for air soft, its not the best but by far not the worst. It would be good for a security officer or training. It is great for air soft. My big m14 mag fits in the ammo pouch. It will hold cuffs, lights, small hand gun clips,batons, and tazers. It fits my small frame with ease and could go to some big ol,boys (minor discomforts if any). the major prob is the side arm holster not the best place but will work. Over all great buy for the money"
– target
3.0 5
"I was looking for a good vest to take to the wood when my roommates and I go shooting and thought this would be a good choice. It may be for some but not for me. The handgun holster did not fit my Beretta 92 , 1911, fnp9 or glock 17. it is way too loose and the gun almost gets stuck sideways. and after i added some stitching to fix this problem the grip kept getting stuck on the AR-15 mag pouch, i like that it fit... I am a big guy and the elastic side were great. also i felt the the 3rd handgun mag pouch is in an odd location. last thing is that when shooting a rifle the five rifle shells or the radio pouch get in the way of the butt of the gun. I was probably expecting more then i should have for the price. It didn't work out for me but it was well constructed and a reasonable price so it might be good for you."
– Jim
5.0 5
"I needed a good vest for airsoft. I bought this one years ago and its still in great condition even after all the abuse it went through. Its very durable and it never let me down. The radio is in a readily accessible position. And plenty of room for additional equipment. And the holster guarantees a sidearm for last ditch maneuvers. So if you need a good vest, this is the one I'd recommend."
– Jake
1.0 5
"i kinda wish i wouldn't of bought this vest. i've been around tactical gear and have seen a few vests in my time, best friend being SWAT. he told me i should get a tactical vest and bought this one, right away i noticed when i put my gun in the holster it was way to far back, i literally have to twist my body to the vest or bring it to my to get the gun out and even when you finally get to the holster the gun is sunk almost falling out of the bottom. none of my guns fit in this thing with out almost falling through, its just way to big. i even put my friends big 1911 in the holster and the barrel still slid all the way through the bottom!you can tell even by looking at the picture that the holster is way to far back!!!If i was put in a life and death situation and i was wearing this vest with my gun holstered in it I WOULD BE DEAD! it takes WAY to much effort to get you gun upholstered.Possibly the worst part is that the buttons that holds all the pockets down, come off! When you got to open the pocket it comes undone but the buttons are still latched to each other, it happen to 3 of the pockets!not to mention half of the pockets are useless and oddly shaped.this is fine if you are a paintballer or airsofty but for a serious vest this isn't one to put your life on the line with."
– big bore josh
4.0 5
"Very nicely built! The only thing I can find wrong with it is the fit on the holster - other than that I think it's great!"
– Dan
1.0 5
"this vest is so usless!! the holster is in a very difficult place to reach, and the holster slot its self it HUGE probly cudnt even fit a sawn off!!!pockets dont fit a thing i own eitheroh ya and if your over 6 ft the vest looks really stupid even when adjusted.dont buy."
– glockman19
1.0 5
"This vest has been changed a few times with the same item number from what i can tell, it use to have a better holster position. The mag pouches wont fit the ak 30 round clips anymore but do fit the ar just fine. the only thing big enough to fit in the holster was my .45 hipoint with laser, my 1911 fell down to far in it. Pay alittle more and get the right thing the first time"
– dwebb
4.0 5
"I bought this vest last month and I was worried by the reviews but when I got it I loved it and so did my friends. It was adjustable and I got it to the right size and I was easily able to store my radio in the pouch and a bunch of other gear in the pockets. Although I did lose a flashlight when carrying it in the special pocket.The holster is a little tricky but its not that bad. All my pistols fit in it perfectly, so I don't get why people are getting worked up about it.I give it a 4 out of 5 because its a good vest but I find it hard to fill the pockets. It needs a place to hold a knife."
– Ripper
4.0 5
"I have bought several of these vests and I luv'em..I and my kids and grandkids use them at the range. I don't know what all the grips are about. If the pistol don't fit, buy a bigger pistol. Plenty of pockets for all my mags, 7.62, 45ACP, .223. Great for paintball, survival and more. I have sold many on Ebay and flea markets.."
– Bizy
2.0 5
"I'm 6ft even and this vest comes down even with my belly button. It seems to be a nice vest but it is useless and way too short if you are a tall person."
– LazyB
4.0 5
"I have purchased two of these vest. I agree that the product has changed between the same item number but I love the way both vests fit. I am 6'4\" tall and my son is taller than me. He likes it as well. He wore it for air-soft and I wore it to shoot with my Glock 22. No issues with the holster at all. I gave one of mine to my cousin and he loves it as well. This is a really well built vest and a great value. I have seen vest up to 5 times the price."
– Monty
3.0 5
"Well the old saying goes - \"You get what you pay for\" and this is exactly the case with this vest. I picked mine up a year or two ago because I thought it was cheap and \"looked cool\". If that is all you want, too, then buy this vest. If you are looking for a serious tactical vest with mil-grade specs, look elsewhere. The first thing I noticed right away is that it took a bit of adjusting to make it fit comfortably. Okay, that is to be expected. It's not common for items like these to fit \" right-out-of-the-box\". I adjusted the shoulders and midsections, which, I will say, custom fits nicely with a bit of playing around... Immediately after putting it on and securing it comfortably, I placed my Jennings 9mm into the holster and it sunk deep into the pocket. The holster is WAY too damn big! It is not secured at all. Half of the grip is inside the holster, it's so big! First I thought that maybe it was just MY gun that fit funny, but after reading many of the other reviews I realize I am not alone... I don't know what kind of sidearm the holster is made for, but I'd say mine is medium size and it fits AWFUL! Maybe if you have a Desert Eagle or perhaps the revolver that the Joker has in the original Batman movie...?? Oh well, maybe I can mod it...The second thing I noticed is that some of the sizes of the pouches seem odd. Some of the flaps seem too big or something - I don't know what it is; it's odd though. And thirdly - the last thing I realized is that I wished that this vest had loops or belt tie-downs or something. It creeps up on me when I move. I've seen other vests that incorporate a belt or belt tie-downs to keep the bottom secured at waist level. My next vest will have that for sure!All in all, it is an OKAY vest, not anything super good, but not total garbage either. I am NOT military or police or anything, just a shooting hobbyist/fanatic who wanted a piece of tactical gear at a cheap price. Although I don't regret buying this piece of equipment, ther"
– Black Seraph
5.0 5
"this vest is even better than i aspected. But i was worried about the big gun pocket but it wasnt big at all and i have a gamo bb gun that is in there it fits perfect. Some of the review said that it hard to reach your gun which i agree but i dont think its caused by the holster being so far bac i think its cause of the pockets in front."
– nate
3.0 5
"I'll start with some of the things I like about the vest . . . The magazine pouches fit the 17 round mags for my Taurus PT99 and the pockets on the very front can each fit a box of 9mm ammo . . . It fits me well but there are a few things that lead me to believe that it wasn't designed with law enforcement in mind . . . The holster, as everyone has said, is in kind of an awkward position for a right handed shooter but forget about drawing it if you're lefty . . . Aside from that, it is massive . . . The guns sinks making it even more difficult to take the pistol from the holster BUT I think most pistols would fit properly in it with a light or laser with some substance to it attached . . . There's a pocket on the back of the vest in a spot where NO ONE can reach unless you have ridiculously long arms and I kind of wonder what they were thinking when they put that on there . . . After trying this, I think I'm just going to get an over the shoulder holster and some extra mag pouches instead . . ."
– Kellen
5.0 5
"Well, this is the first vest i have purchased ever, and i am glad i did. At first, i put it on thinking it would fit right out of the box, too small of course. Found the adjustments, and this thing can get very comfortable. The pistol holster is just fine. The bottom of the holster is actually open instead of enclosed, which lets my 6\" judge slide down in there and the barrel comes out the bottem, i would say it would fit any average size revolver perfectly. Very snug. Not for sub compacts. Not very heavy, always good. The pocket on the very right side, is tall and skinny, perfect for a knife if you want one there. Havent had it in the field yet, but i wore it for about 20 minutes sitting up and down and turning, no problems at all. Overall: Great vest, good value, pistol holster is fine for regular sized pistols. Nothin smaller than a Glock 22. Fits revolvers awsome. (No stubbys though) Thanks CTD for the vest"
– Daniel
4.0 5
"After reading previous reviews I was hesitant to order. After I opened and put it on I would say it\uFFFDs worth the money. I will agree the pistol holster is slightly large for smaller frame guns but with a pop rivet that problem was cured. The only improvement that I would really suggest is to put belt keepers on the vest. Everything worked out fine once I had them put on and I\uFFFDm really enjoying it."
– brad
5.0 5
"I ordered my first vest based on negative reviews of this vest and chose the higher dollar vest. The reviews were wrong for my use. I returned the other vest and reordered this one to find it far better. It would be nice if it had 3 more large magazine pouches across the back but still the best vest available."
– Recon1
5.0 5
"I am a former Marine and currently in Law Enforcement, this is the best vest I own. Not only for the price but the sheer pockets and accessability. I can reach the pistol holster easily, I carry a Glock 21 with a Streamlight TRL-1 tactical light attached and the holster fits it nicely. I have plenty of room for pistol mags as well as AR mags. The radio pocket is small so standard full size radios wont fit but it is a great pocket for cell phones. The extra pocket in the front in great for gloves or extra shotgun rounds. The pocket in the back is accessible and can hold a full size radio or restraints, gloves, ect..."
– thesergeant
3.0 5
"I recieved this vest a couple days ago, and it's a decent vest. The pockets seem pretty sturdy and will hold up to the abuse. The pistol holster is extremely awkward like everyone has mentioned, so quick draws are out of the question. The size of the pistol holster, I would imagine is for larger frames. I have a 5 inch XD 45 that fit like a glove. The vest lining is a bit interesting, its definitely cheaply made, and makes a lot of noise when moving around. The magazine pockets are in easy to access areas which make reloads simple. So all in all, I gave it 3 bullets for the price mainly. This vest is probably best for Airsoft or recreational shooting."
– DRut
4.0 5
"I got this vest before I bought all of my MOLLE gear. It's not the greatest, but it doesn't suck. It works great with any fullsized 9mm, .40S&W, and .45 ACP handgun. It holds 4 AR-15 mags well. It doesn't work so well with 30rd AK mags though. All in all, I'd say it's a good buy."
– southern survivalist
3.0 5
"This vest is not what I expected. The inside is made very cheep, and is noisy when you move around in it. The holster is in a very arkward place. For $40, what should I expect?"
– eric
3.0 5
"I bought this vest 4 months ago and all in all its ok. All the pouches will fit your AR mags, pistol mags 9mm 40 45, etc. The holster is an absolute joke in my opinion. It fit my XDM just fine but the cross draw is impossible. It will be fine if your not planning on needing your gun in any type of hurry. The stitching is decent, only a single stitch. Not that I see a problem now but after heavy use I imagine those seams will eventually pop. The thing I disliked the most was the material that was used for the inside of the vest. Its some kind of cheap vinyl that crinkles like crazy. It is audibly noisy when walking around or shooting. I gave it three bullets because of some of these faults but the bonus is the price! All in all its a good buy, but don't buy it expecting a military grade vest, definitly for recreational use. P.S. CTD got this to me in 3 days! As always they are awesome!"
– DR.ut
4.0 5
"I saw all the comments and thought that for the money I would take a chance on the vest. I loved the vest. It was easy to adjust, it has lots of great pockets and excellent velcro and snaps on all so its very secure. The only draw back was the location of the holster. It is in the worst place and impossible to get to. I'm going to use the holster as a backup and purchase a drop holster for the leg. I also like the pocket on the back but with they had put another one on the other side to balance out the back. Just buy it. You will like it for sure."
– Perkgd
5.0 5
"I have had vests of all kinds, but this one here for some reason fits, and does what I need it to do, when I go to shoot, or out I have it on, it's the best to use in all things that you would pistol, rounds, shotgun rounds, rifle rounds, it very easy and easy to reach every part on vest, try one to see for yourself. Thanks for the vest."
– greg
4.0 5
"Definitely worth the money. Fully adjustable on the shoulder and armpit areas. All pouches have Velcro and a snap, so they're very secure. Some reviews said the holster was impossible to reach, but it's plenty easy for me to get to. And don't worry about the holster not fitting your pistol. It fit my P95, my father's 1911, my brother's Glock, my girlfriend's LC9, and even a big airsoft Desert Eagle I got when I was a kid. Only gave it 4 out of 5 because I really wish it had somewhere for a steel plate or something else to go to make it at least a little bulletproof. \"Bullet resistant\" if you will. Also only 4 because the zipper and the sling ring on the right shoulder are made of plastic. Don't get me wrong, this is a great product and I'm very pleased with it."
– Tom
3.0 5
"Pockets are in good places with extra storage in back. Overall quality is fairly good, i.e. decent nylon. The reason that this gets three bullets is due to the silly elastic strings holding the thing together on each side. If you had to \"throw\" this thing on and run, you'd be hard pressed. You wouldn't want to go running through the woods either, as you could snag one of these bungee cords on a tree or branch and end up on your face with a vest that is now flapping in the wind. Personally gonna see if my wife can sew material in between with a zipper or something more sane than bungee cord holding it all together. Might get some use out of it after mod. Peace out."
– John
4.0 5
"Good product. Didn't expect a $100 vest for $40. Works well, seems to be fairly strong. Pockets filled with ammo and still seems to be rugged. Will work great for at the range. Would recommend for the casual shooter"
– Chad
5.0 5
"man oh man this is totally awesome vest for the price I paid for it!!! I suggest anyone in the market for a tact vest this is the way to go!!!! p.s. its great for the range or weekend tact shooting courses!!!!"
– cox1980
5.0 5
"The vest exceeded expectations. Now I need to order one for my wife as she really likes this vest. Good material, well constructed, and good value."
5.0 5
"I was very happy with the vest it works great thank you Cheaper Than Dirt"
– prep
3.0 5
"It's not bad for what you pay for it."
– Ace1
5.0 5
"Great buy! Adjustability was excellent; places to put everything I need when tracking on my property."
– Brian G