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UTG Ultimate Tactical Assault Ten Piece Gear Set

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This is the ultimate tactical gear set, everything you need to go on operations or callouts. UTG thought about every possible requirement and designed this set to accomodate it. Heavy duty nylon combat vest is covered with every essential piece of combat gear.

Vest features full webbing, zipper and quick release buckle front, adjustable side straps to fit every sized operator, drag handle, metal shoulder loops, and a law enforcement nylon belt that fits up to a 51" waist, MOLLE compatible.

This tactical set includes:
Two drop leg platforms
One dump pouch
One ambidextrous holster for full sized autos with extra magazine pouch
One utility pouch
Two open-top double rifle magazine pouches
One open-top double pistol magazine pouch
One personal electronic pouch
One double flashlight or tool pouch with quick release buckles

The MOLLE compatible vest features:
Adjustable shoulder to allow for 21" to 23" of height.
The side of the vest adjusts with 3 ladderlocs per side, allowing from 38" to 55" girth.
Front of the vest contains 10 rows by 7 columns of PALS webbing on the bottom tapering to 2 columns at the top.
Rear of the vest contains 7 rows by 6 columns of PALS webbing.
Heavy duty zipper backed up by three side release buckles.
Several Velcro panels perfect for ID, name tapes, or morale patches
Mesh interior allows for cooler comfort
Two interior map pockets secured with zippers.

Additional Features:
The main compartment has a mesh pocket on the back and a nylon pocket on the front for small accessories.
The front pocket is secured with a hook and loop flap and an adjustable side release buckle.
Measures 4.5" x 2.5". < br> Flashlight pouch fits up to a 6" long light and contains 2 rows by 2 columns of PALS webbing.
The 2 double rifle open top magazine pouches contain 3 rows by 4 columns of PLAS webbing and have 3 rows by 4 columns of PALS webbing on the front.
Two drop leg platforms contain 3 rows by 6 columns of PALS webbing an additional row at the top having 4 columns.
Leg straps for the holsters expands to 30 inches and feature side release buckles.
Ambidextrous holster contains 3 rows by 3 columns of PALS webbing
The dump pouch measures 5.5x 7.5x 5 and contains 3 rows by 3 columns of PALS webbing.
Utility pouch is a clamshell design with elastic limiters and 2 rows by 6 columns of PALS webbing on the front of pouch.
A 4.5 x 6 interior pocket on the front and eight 2 inch elastic loops.
Back interior contains four 4 inch elastic loops for securing any size of shaped object.
Removable mesh cinch sack with cord lock with velcro to secure to bottom of pouch.

Item#: MOLLE-060,9-263270,16-PVC-V747KTB
Total number of Reviews: 43

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5.0 5
"i used my friends mod gear durin huntin season. it was comfortable to wear & it held every thing i use.. KEEP up the awsome gear and prices"
– out law 69
5.0 5
"Indeed a completee tactical assault gear, you wont need anything else but what comes on this deal which is pretty good for the price. Items are made of high quality and very flexible allowing good mobility, great deal"
– cipher
5.0 5
"Really good Gear for the price- FULLY Ajustable, move pieces to your comfort. Great price and really good quality-THANX CHEAPER THAN DIRT!"
– -Matt
4.0 5
"The vest itself is constructed pretty sturdy, with Velcro strips on the outside for added stability. The shoulders have strips of plastic for weapon stability. While it is a good idea, it can get in the way and possibly throw a shot off course in reactionary fire drills. The shoulders have Velcro to adjust for height, so watch out if you're going to crawl or ruck around. The cell phone pouch is handy for small items like, money, small compass or even a Phoenix beacon 9v type for emergencies. Depending on what you are doing the flashlight holster can be used for certain types of multi tools, such as Leatherman, SOG or Gerber, or most 1 inch tactical flashlights. M4 load out is 120 rnds with retention cord. Lancer magazines have some what of a hard time coming out, so I have them in the pouches to try to slowly stretch the material. The pistol magazine pouches can be tricky to take out and require practice to get proficient at. The utility pouch can be looked at as either a blessing or a curse and removed. If you have supplies like a med kit, matches, fuel bottle or anything that could make your life a little easier this pouch is good. However if you have no need for that and remove it, another set of pistol mags can be put in its place. The drop leg dump pouch I'm not a fan. You are better served to get more rifle pouches for this or even a molle med kit. Without much practice the use of the dump pouch is cumbersome. The pistol holster is decent and made for safety and weapon retention. The holster after putting it on top of the molle system and raising the leg holster the holster still sits a little low. But if you have to drop to your knees a little, bend and you can have your weapon after you unbuckle it. Not a big fan of the holster but it does work. Both drop leg holsters can be adjusted by the user while attached. Overall after the user puts some time in training with this equipment a good rhythm can be developed."
– camp dry
3.0 5
"Great deal, fits great, can't see a down side. Needs armor plates if it is in your job description."
– s&w 99ol
3.0 5
"All of the pouches are too loose and move around. The pistol holster is designed for a large pistol and the way it is attached it is so loose it hangs 2 inches away from your leg. My Glock 19 gets lost in it. I will be returning it. If youre playing airsoft or paintball its worth it but if your using this real world I wouldnt recommend it."
– Justen
5.0 5
"to all those that say all the pouches are to loose, please get a brain and realize that you are supposed to weave them properly to fit tight! my holster was loose as hell but i fixed it. BUT ANYWAY, i love this setup except for one main thing. the drop leg platforms are HUGE. I'm gonna have to twist them up a bit to soften them but damn, if i bend them, one end touches the front of my kneecaps and the other end touches the backs of my knees. i might just buy a separate drop leg holster for my pistol because these platforms are too big for a pistol alone. i have a Taurus pt92 with 21 rounds locked so the gun is heavy and the platforms hold it good though. all in all, A+ in my book. SUPER FAST SHIPPING. TOOK ONLY 2 DAYS WITH THE 3-5 DAY COST."
– paranoid
5.0 5
"This was the best vest option with a number of options. I had to adjust this a lot, but that happens. This setup fit perfectly over the flackjacket (item# MIL-2115), even for a big dude like me. I will post back after the next range visit. USA love it or LEAVE it!."
– DOCguy
5.0 5
"Well took this to the \"range\" thats out in the parire. and it worked just like it should have. I got mine back before the price dropped. With practice you can really get alot out of this."
– DOC Guy
3.0 5
"The vest, itself, is far too thin. But, everything else is good."
5.0 5
"Great gear, lots of extras, worth twice the price ... No cheapie here... Not sure what \"too thin\" was about."
– JB
4.0 5
"This loadout is very cool! I havn't field tested it yet. Durability appears solid. So many customizable configurations! Any MOLLE or ALICE gear is compatable. I personally put the shotgun scabbard on the back, and it is amazing! Holster is universal, fits guns w/lasers. For the tactical practical guys out there: \"Buy it!\""
– Member of the dying breed
5.0 5
"Agree with JB & Dying Breed. Haven't had a chance to field test it yet (thank you, most ridiculous Western NY \"spring\" weather ever), but will be doing so this weekend. In the meantime I've worn it around the house in order to break it in a bit.In any event, the construction seems very solid, I've inspected it up & down and even little details like double stitching in areas where the most wear & tear (or load-bearing) will take place is done well, have noticed no missed/frayed stitches so far. All cuts in the fabric are clean with zero nubs.Had to let the bungee cords for the mag pouches stretch a bit, but can now load & remove standard 30rd mags with ease. Pistol permit has yet to be issued so I can't speak to the pistol holster yet. I played around with the pouch configuration but at the end of the day preferred the stock setup.All in all it is very well constructed, not sure what the \"too thin\" fuss is about, unless others felt this was also a plate carrier as well. Younger brother, fmr. USMC w/ 3 tours in Iraq, also gave it a thumbs up & said shouldn't have any problems putting it on over a plate carrier, with the proper adjustments to the vest."
– Grifter007x
5.0 5
"Very well made and worth way more then what it costs! On the other reviews: Don't know what \"vest is too thin\" even means or what they are talking about, and \"the pouches being too loose on the vest\" I'm sure this is that they didn't know how to properly secure the them and didn't realize you have to inter weave the straps between the pouch it's self and the vest, \"The pistol holster is too big\", it is designed to be able to hold a large sized pistol with all/any of the laser/light/silencer combinations you can think of. I simply have stuffed a sock into the bottom of the holster and it will hold my compact HK P2000 perfectly. I have thought about putting in a couple simple stitches (to replace the sock) to tighten up the holster. I ended up using the medpack/admin pouch to hold shotgun shells, it perfectly holds 2 full boxes (25 rounds per box) in the pouch. This is the pouch on the vest, not the drop leg platform. Again well worth it and if you're looking for a vest this is the complete package."
– 2Shot
5.0 5
"This gear is great. The left leg pack and extra chest pouch can carry MREs, bottled water, extra ammo, or pretty much anything else you need. Carries plenty of extra mags and other standard field gear. Excellent gear at great price."
– Kaiser
5.0 5
"Wow. I got this and fixed all the straps where they need to be and this vest is great. I feel like I did not pay enough for it. Pockets everywhere. Glock 19 fits great. AR 15 mags fit great. Can't wait to get it in the field, it's gonna do just fine. The shipping was super fast, 2 days. Thank You CTD"
– Cody
3.0 5
"Overall construction of the rig is pretty good. However I did break 2 snaps just moving things around. Also on one of the pouches the snaps were backwards making it hard to mount. I like the endless possibilities of configurations. The sidearm holster is definitely something that you will want to replace as it\uFFFDs a one size fits all so pretty much nothing fits well. Only other thing to be aware of is the lack of adjustment in regards to torso length. Yes, you can adjust the Velcro on the shoulder, but it doesn't do a very good job of retaining its position if the vest is loaded."
– Jason
5.0 5
"I'm tall and thin-ish, fits my torso, my fat friend's torso and my wife's torso. Can't really ask for more for the price."
– sgt wulfy
4.0 5
"This vest is a pretty good deal. It\uFFFDs put together well enough (although I don\uFFFDt like the holster). However, this will not support or carry armor plates and the mesh on the inside is very poorly attached (but the mesh really serves no purpose). All in all it's a great buy and gives you all the gear you will need to carry all the equipment you could possibly need.*make sure you adjust the vest and secure all the pieces once you open it* . The vest doesn't come fully assembled and all the pockets and pouches are loosely attached so that you can rearrange it easily if you do not like the lay out."
– matt
5.0 5
"I'm not real big or buff. 5'4\" average build. Let me tell you will fit small bodies like mine but maybe not smaller, I had to adjust everything to mininum but it fits perfect! love how you move everything around, I set mine up for best tactical performance, save crucial time on small things that could mean life or death lol. Only thing that was pointless is mesh, doesn't function, no need for it but oh well doesn't hurt anything, It's sort of heavy too *when* your not wearing it. Get it, you can adjust it easily an quickly once you know what to do. Have fun!"
4.0 5
"For the purchase price, I have no complaints. The Vest itself seems to be of good quality and great starting point for the price. I am left handed and had to move almost all the attached gear. One of the snaps on the utility pouch broke when I removed it. The rest seemed to hold up ok although I don't suspect I could move them to many times without more snaps giving way. I read the reviews before I made the purchase and agree with all those that said they don't like the pistol holster. It is huge and does not hold snug to the platform. Just for fun, I put my .44 Desert Eagle in, it fit great. I would advise you to have a second set of hands when you fit the vest since most are hard to reach while you have it on. It went very quickly once my wife lended a hand. This is a good vest for a good price and I am quickly becoming a fan of the UTG product line. Shoot straight my friends."
– Gunnut1971
4.0 5
"Great way to acquire a variety of pouches and rigs for a very reasonable price."
– kagey777
5.0 5
"Sooo, way more pockets and crap than you you will ever use. I work with police department in California and use this. I took some pockets off and use them on the war bag. It is so adjustable it took a while to set up (this is good). Can be worn with a bulletproof vest. Great quality! (too cheap...Shhhh)"
– J
5.0 5
"This is a great package for the money. It comes with a variety of pouches to carry pretty much anything you could want, and you can always add more pouches wherever you'd like. The pouches were nice and tight. The pouches are loosely attached when you get it, that way you can remove them easily and place them where you'd like. The mag pouches all work as well as I would like. The holster isn't great, but it will fit my 1911, XD(M) with a tac light, and my Desert Eagle .50, all without any problems. The dump pouch and utility pouch will hold plenty of other goodies for you. The vest itself is fully adjustable and I've got no complaints with the fit. Overall, it's a great package deal and perfect for someone who wants a modular set up with plenty of potential for customization."
– Shimotatron
4.0 5
"The first one I got, the zipper was broken. Contacted them, sent it back with the prepaid posted included in the box, VERY NICE,and shipped out my new unit really fast. Got it maybe 3 days later. Fits almost every size. I'm 5'7'' 130 lbs and it shrinks down to fit me, and expands to fit my older brother who is 6' 220lbs. I ended up buying two more."
– Praise God and Pass the Ammo
5.0 5
"I just received this product and I couldn't be happier. It took a little bit of time making all the adjustments, but it fits great! I read reviews saying that some people have had snaps and/or zippers break on them, but I have yet to experience this - it could be a hit or miss deal. The entire thing seems pretty sturdy and well built. The holster fits my Glock 21 perfectly, but I could see how it might not be the best holster for other handguns. My only complaint (though a small one) is the AR mag pouches. Though the mags are secure, I'd prefer something that is easier and quicker to get in and out of. Maybe it's just me. For those that have reviewed this and said that the mesh serves no purpose, they obviously didn't see the zippers and Velcro that allow you to use it as storage. I'm fairly certain that I'll be able to put in armor plates and secure them tightly."
– KahbLouie
5.0 5
"After getting my assault gear in, I am very pleased with this product. I'm a bigger guy (6' 250lbs) and it wouldn't fit right out of the box, but after taking a closer look and realizing all of the different ways to modify this rig to fit perfectly, it worked awesome. I'm using it for my AK setup. After the mag pouches got used for the AK mags, they fit without a problem. I use a Stoeger Cougar in .40 S&W. It fits perfectly and there are different ways to get the sidearm to stay via buckle, Velcro, or bungee strap. I'm going to use the small pouch for spent mags and gun tools, and the big pouch up front for a small trauma kit, map, and accessory pouch. Although, I'm probably going to take off the pouch up on the shoulder across from the radio/cell phone strap to put an assault knife there.Overall, you can't beat the price for this rig. You won't be disappointed."
– Hulk
4.0 5
"Overall, I am pretty happy with this vest. The initial impression I got upon removing it from the shipping box was that is was a very professionally packaged item. The layout of the vest was good, but I moved the mag pouches down one loop, and removed the med pack and cell phone pouches entirely from the vest. I did not really care for either of them as far as how they were constructed. I moved the holster back one loop to facilitate installation on my SOG SEAL Pup knife in front of it on the drop leg platform. So far, I am liking the configuration of that. The pistol mag pouches are mounted in the left front chest area, and the flashlight/multi-tool pouch is mounted low on the left front side, behind the AR mag pouches. Overall, I can only give this product four bullets, since I have not had the chance to test it out in live fire drills at our range. There are some other items I plan on adding to this vest later on as well. I know the shotgun scabbard is on the wish list, as well as some other small pouches to be added in various points. It's well worth the money, and I feel like this is finally going to be the right vest for me."
– Dan
5.0 5
"Nice equipment with room for everything. Well made and fully adjustable."
– espritpaul
5.0 5
"I like this vest a lot. I'm 5'11\" and 160 lbs and it fits just right after some adjustments. My only complaint is that the dump pouch is just too much. It makes the vest feel overwhelming, so I took it off and sold it. But you won't be disappointed with this vest. Good buy."
– Alex
5.0 5
"Great vest, very heavy build and well made, highly adjustable and customizable. You can move or add things around. It fits my teen daughter as well as myself. Plenty of space to carry stuff. Down side: it's heavy and would be hot to use in the summer. You should take that into consideration."
– A. Ecker
5.0 5
"I'm 5'9\" and weigh 300 lbs. I've been searching a long time for a rig that would even come close to fitting me. After reading previous reviews, I took a chance on this set and I'm VERY glad I did! It took about an hour to tweak it, but it fits! I was even able to extend the duty belt fit. My waist isn't that big, but my stomach is. The duty belt went around my lower stomach and all three clasps closed without the need for extensions. The leg sections took a little more time but they also fit around my leg COMFORTABLY! I had to tighten the four vertical leg straps as much as possible, due to short legs, but I have full range of mobility. Nothing is pinching. It feels right all around. If you have the same issues I have, you will not be disappointed with this rig."
– Don
4.0 5
"Overall, a very good vest. The only reason I gave it four bullets is because the holster is pretty cheap. Other than that, it seems like it will work well."
– Mike
5.0 5
"Ordered full Modgear tactical set. Full set looks and fits great. Just like in the Army. Overnight shipping came at my door step the next day after I ordered product!!! Highly recommend!!"
– hedard01
5.0 5
"6'3 185lbs fits well, easily adjustable. I filled mag pouches & holster, to get the actual feel for it and wore it all day."
– Big Jon
5.0 5
"Great vest. After a few minor adjustments and moving the pouches to my liking it's ready for the field. Using the dump pouch on my right drop down platform for loose shotgun shells. Easy to get to for a fast reload.So far none of the problems I've read from other buyers. Very happy with the purchase!"
– Josh
5.0 5
"Awesome vest for the money, I'm a big guy and it fits me great"
– Nevershoots
5.0 5
"Got it in a few days ago. After adjusting its a pretty good fit! Family members are looking into buying one for themselves!"
– Topaz
3.0 5
"The vest is great. The leg pieces are garbage. I ended up throwing away half of this set, including some of the vest attachments. I cut the magazine retention cords after about 4 hours of intense training. They were more trouble than benefit."
– White Lotus
4.0 5
"I think it is well worth the money you spend, and that is Cheaper Than Dirt."
– Rob S
4.0 5
"When I got this item I wasn't expecting such solid construction for the money. Usually tactical vests are around 250 to 500 bucks for the really good ones so I thought it would have thin nylon straps and less than quality materials. I was surprised to of gotten such a great product for my dollar.. Im 6'1 , 215lbs and I had no problem adjusting this to the proper fit. It might be a little more difficult for shorter people to adjust the thigh straps though.. And the gun holster is hard to keep secure with the button snaps so you may need to do a little modifications or just get a new thigh holster all together. I put my Beretta 92 in there and the weight kept breaking the button snaps and coming loose. But other then that its a great buy for he money.. If you replace the thigh holster with another more secure holster you will still be saving yourself the money when compared to many other name brand or top quality tactical vests."
– Joseph
5.0 5
"I think it is real good for the money. You cannot get anything like that for that Price."
– Jeff
3.0 5
"Vest itself is ok,dropleg is junk.but it does hold my xd40 with inforce apl.need to find a good one.very heavy but not bad ."
– Tony