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Universal Shotgun TriRail Barrel Mount 3 Slot Leapers UTG Fits on Barrel or Under Barrel

Leapers UTG
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Universal shotgun tri-rail barrel mount made to hold tactical flashlights, lasers, and other accessories, 3 slots, imported. Fits on barrel or on under barrel magazine as shown.
Fits .75 to 1.1 inch barrels and .75 to 1 inch lights.
1.6 inches long

Item#: SHT-071,16-MNT-BR003XL
Total number of Reviews: 29

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5.0 5
"I was looking for a practical and secure mount for a light for my shotgun. I found this listed in your catalog and it looked like something I had been searching for. Upon receiving it, I showed it to another co-worker and he thought it made the gun front-end heavy. Well, let me tell you, I had a problem with raccoons breaking and entering. With this unit securing my \"Surefire\" and being a little front-end heavy, firing 00 buckshot with multiple targets there was no muzzle rise during repeated firefights with the engaged critters."
– Jon
5.0 5
"Works on a Olimpic Arms AR bull barrel. Ez to take on and off and cheaper than some of the other options. Now you can use a bi pod."
– Matthew
5.0 5
"I ended up mounting this between my barrel and the magazine tube instead of just on the magazine tube. Works well and fits perfect with my 18\" Benelli shotgun. Found gun to be a little to barrel heavy when mounted as picture above. Perfect rail system for a flashlight and laser system even when mounted between the barrel and magazine. Product manufactured very well."
– Jared J.
5.0 5
"Purchased this mount for a Remington 870. Very rugged and ultra-fast installation. Used it for mounting a tactical light."
– warjunky
5.0 5
"This took less then a minute to install, my flashlight works perfectly with it, as does my lasersight. I saw this on the catalog, as for its price and good function I think it should be featured on the front page of the website also! Im using a Mossberg 500 btw. Thanks CTD!!!"
– Private Burnham
5.0 5
"Needed a way to \"tac-up\" my Winchester 1300 and this baby definitely helped! Mounted it between the barrel and the feed tube (be sure to tighten it to the barrel side first and then \"gently\" tighten the tube feed side so you don't bend or crush your feed tube!) With the detachable stock removed (AR pistol grip w/adjustable stock) and a flashlight attached, it does make it a little \"front heavy\". But with the stock re-attached and a few extra rounds in the side saddle, it feels nice and balanced.."
4.0 5
"Very sturdy piece. I mounted it between the barrel and mag tube on my Winchester 1300 Defender. Comes with nice selection of extra screws too."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"Well designed/made... very sturdy mount. I have one for my Mossberg 500A and Remington 870 tactical 12 gauge shotguns. Recommend you have a long magazine tube."
– Shotgun Light Moung
5.0 5
"I was a little skeptical about buying this mount but was quite surprised when it arrived. It's well made and very sturdy. For my Remington 870, I installed the picatinny hole onto the barrel with a laser mounted above the barrel and an LED flashlight in the other, below the barrel. I also ended up removing the two side picatinny's with an end mill for a cleaner/slimmer appearance as I had no need for them."
– Todd
5.0 5
"I bought this to add rails to my Mossberg 500A and it fits perfectly under the barrel just in front of the pump grip. I inserted the tactical flashlight I had into the lower tube channel as shown on the box it came packaged in. It is very well built, Don't go gorilla on the screws, and a little locktite 242 will keep the vibration from ending your fun. One thing to point out is the unit is a pain to center and tightening the screws down evenly will get you through it faster. I used the next longer screws than the ones shipped in the unit to attach to the tube on my 12 ga. I suspect those of you with 20 ga. will not need those as you may bottom out in the threaded holes. Take your time to mount this right, then leave it on, it is not easy to re-align and you might strip the screw holes out with too much over-use. Have fun, and this is well worth 20 bucks."
5.0 5
"Works well on my Mossberg Maverick 88. Easy to install, and well-made."
– Brian
5.0 5
"I purchased this to add a tac light onto my Mossberg 500A Home Defense Shotgun. I mounted it between the barrel and the magazine (bringing my light a little closer to the barrel (just under the mag). I am using the UTG LED Tactical Flashlight 200 Lumens from CTD and am purchasing another pair for my other shotgun. These two make a great pair. EASY to install (had to use the supplied medium size screws for the 12g. My laser sight is right with the tac light so I can defenitely identify threat - shoot / dont shoot.THANKS CTD you have made a faithful customer with my first order."
– Home Defender
5.0 5
"this rail works great!!!! it holds my tac equip perfectly. it is very durable and light wait."
– shotgunner19
5.0 5
"I'm using this product to attach a Surefire G2 to my Mossberg 500. My Mossberg has a full-length tube (extends to end of the barrel) so I attached the TriRail mount to the tube itself. It was a snap to install and is well constructed and strong. It also came with different length screws for a variety of applications! I ended up using the existing screws to mount it to the tube, but had to use one size longer screws for the flashlight attachment.Great product! I would definitely order it again."
– Scott
5.0 5
"I used this mount to attach a tactical light to my Winchester 1300 shotgun. The mount is built nicely and it worked great on the magazine tube. I used the Picatinny bore to attach the mount to the magazine tube, to bring the light closer to the rifle. I might saw off the side rails later, to reduce bulk. Overall, it was a good mount."
– Crabman
4.0 5
"Fit well on my Mossberg 500. Mounted easily between the barrel and magazine. My only complaint would be, that mounted on the magazine, it blocks the spot for the sling stud. Other than that i feel like it is a good buy."
– sergeant30
5.0 5
"Built like a tank. Does it's job beautifully. Good buy!"
– Adam
5.0 5
"Looks amazing on my 870. I put it between the barrel & mag tube for a tighter fit."
– Dan
3.0 5
"This is a good mount but it's just too damn big, to the point were it just sticks out. It does it's job well but it would be better to get the smaller one."
– Octabut
5.0 5
"Great product. I attached this to my Remington 870 Express Tactical and it works great. I mounted it between the barrel and extended tube. I got this tip from previous reviews and found it to be the most secure way of mounting. I have recommended this to friends along with the Leaper UTG light. Great combination."
– Hcasillas
4.0 5
"Works great on my 930 spx. Had to mount going around barrel and mag tube both. If just mounted to magazine it would not tighten up enough to not spin. Mounted light on left side rail and is almost level with barrel. Used longer screws provided. Like it a lot."
– jack
5.0 5
"I ordered this for my 870 with a magazine extension, it works great. I put the barrel through one hole and the mag tube through the other. Would recommend this to anyone who has a shot gun with a mag extension and wants a rail."
– Dante
4.0 5
"After reading the other reviews on this, there were a couple that said they mounted this between the barrel and the magazine tube. I thought this would be good so it wouldn't be apt to rotate as was mounting a picatinny sling swivel mount on the left side. After installing the mount and the sling swivel on the left side, it slowly rotated till the top clamp stopped it but it was no longer straight. If you are just mounting a flashlight or a laser it should be fine. I ended up getting a CDM Gear BMT Clamp which socks up into the indention gaps on both sides of the barrel and the magazine tube and can't rotate."
– rlwieneke
3.0 5
"Purchased for my 590. Easily installed the mount and my Surefire light, LOOKED cool, but noticed after about 20 shells through the weapon that the mount began to rotate and loosen itself up. I noticed that it is impossible for me to completely tighten all four bolts down. Tried Loc-Tight, to no avail... Product just didn't work for me."
– Bribo
5.0 5
"The mount goes on solid, I had no problem tightening the bolts down with the alan/hex driver that it came with, however I used a T-handle hex head to make sure I got it down tight. I mounted mine slightly different, instead of mounting it like its shown in the image, I used the second hole to go around my shot tube since the tube and barrel are equal dimensions and so are the holes on the mount. I have not had the chance to use it on range, but it feels like its welded onto my shotgun, for the money you can't go wrong, if you mount it like I did, its relatively flush as far as rails go."
– Pvt. Sones
5.0 5
"After seeing the ad here @ CTD, I picked it up to mount on a Remington 870 Express, between the barrel and tube extension. Solid, light weight, and very well made product. Not only does the box have the Allen wrench, but it has three screw length sets included. I didn't mount this as pictured because it moved around on me. When installing, I picked the screws I needed and mounted it between the barrel and mag extension. Walked the screws down evenly, checking for TQ and DC, then tightened in a cross pattern. It's Aluminum, so don't over tighten the screws. With this product you CAN'T LOSE!!"
– Onkover
4.0 5
"This product is solidly made and comes with the hex key and extra hex bolts you need to adjust this once you install it. It can/does mount between the barrel and magazine tube, and that is the better position if you are concerned with profile and such. You can even remove the plate that mounts over the top of the barrel to reduce weight some and to keep your sight picture clear, should you so desire. I only give it 4 bullets since I have not shot my Mossberg Maverick 88 since installing it, and don't know if it will loosen up or not, as some have said in their reviews. Overall good product for the $$."
– Mr. DS
5.0 5
"I am well pleased with this product. It came with extra screws and an allen wrench and installed in minutes. It was just as advertised. Thanks CTD."
– Glenn Butler
4.0 5
"I needed to mount my tactical flash to my new defensive shotgun. This little puppy fits perfectly and is close enough to the slide to allow the tethered switch to mount on the slide."
– cliff