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Leapers UTG Universal Leg Holster Black Right Hand

Leapers UTG
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This fully adjustable holster is designed to fit most auto pistols and securely mounts to both your belt and leg. Connects to your web belt or tactical belt and secures on your thigh with premium non slip material and tension adjustable elastic. Features a magazine holder. The gun is secured by a tension band, quick release buckle and snap, allowing for maximum flexibility while on operations. Constructed of heavy poly material with web strapping with heavy duty snap buckles. For right handed shooters only.

Manufacturer Number: PVC-H178B

Item#: 7-PVCH178B,TRW-190,16-PVC-H178B,2-UTGPVC-H178B
Total number of Reviews: 38

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4.0 5
"I bought this holster for my job, but it didn't fit my duty weapon ( Springfield Armory 1911 .45 ACP ). So now I use for my Ruger P95 DC 9mm and it works perfect with it."
1.0 5
"i got this holster for my 40 s&w mini firestorm. the strap to keep the pistol in place broke at the button on the side the first time i used it. on top of that it said that it would fit my 3 1/2 inch barrel but what u dont know is that the one size fits all is velcro along the side by the trigger and if your gun is one of the smaller sizes the velcro comes appart form the weight of the gun and allows the gun to slide down throu the bottom so your barrel is sticking out about 3 inches which feels wierd when your walking almost like its going to fall out the bottom."
– tony
4.0 5
"Well it is about an inch short for a Sig 226 or a glock 17 but it holds them well. It's a good tight mount on a web belt and around your thigh. The only thing I didn't like was after adjusting it it still had a canter out away from my leg. I'd buy another one."
– Matthew
4.0 5
"I bought this for my XD.45... it fits but it is a little to small.. if it was a little more wider.. it would fit in more smoother...but it looks very cool.."
5.0 5
"a buddy bought one for his xd-45 it fit it well so i orderd one for mine it has enought room for wepond with laser attached..i rate it the best for the buck"
– python
3.0 5
"not too good for a heavy pistol like a Beretta but would be ok for lighter poly's. Go for holsters a with double strap, makes a difference, especially when running."
– SSG Army
4.0 5
"Fits a HK USP9 just fine, but not great for heavier sidearms like a Beretta 92F. Non-slip backing is helpful especially while running. Retention strap is tricky to handle with gloves on and is not ideal for quick-draw deployment. Overall a comfortable and dependable thigh rig for the price."
– K2 from California
5.0 5
"bought one for my cz-82 makarov and it fits perfectly and also the front holder for double stack mag fits great..."
– rick
4.0 5
"I picked this up for days out plinking and for using during practical rifle and 3 gun. Holster works well with my 92 SB. Gun is a bit lighter than a full size, so falling out ahs not been a problem. Holster holds well on leg and I have really large legs. Also fits my P 22 although it looks tiny in it.Good buy for the price"
– snkkpr
2.0 5
"I bought this holster because I was in a rush to purchase items before my friends and I went shooting on my buddy's property. I was intending to use it for my kimber TLE/RL2 and found that the pistol pretty much almost slips through the bottom. The retention strap is also cumbersome and gets in the way if your trying to draw your pistol quickly. I'll be modifying this holster heavily or buying a new thigh or hip holster when I get a chance. I'm sure this holster was built for specific pistols, I just have to find which ones now."
– inarush
4.0 5
"good holster fits my Springfield XD-45 well it's an tight squeeze for my tl-2 laser light tho and it will be hard to run with."
– Sgt Of Marines
5.0 5
"This leg holster is a great fit for my airsoft pistol. It rattles a little bit when you run but the gun stays in its place. The clip holder on the front can hold two extra clips for my gun. I would recommend that you buy the Heavy Duty Black Web Belt with Mag Pouches Adjusts to 44\" with it. It makes things so much more comfortable."
– Caleb
5.0 5
"I just purchased this item a week ago and it came in 3 days later! Those guys at CTD are the best and do not hesitate on delivery. I put my S&W M&P 40 in it and it stays where it should. The only thing I have an issue with is that the tension strap for the pistol loosens up some. Other than that, CTD Keep up the great work!!!"
– Billy
4.0 5
"I purchased this holster for tactical maneuvers as a police officer. The holster platform is comfortable to wear around my large legs, and is fully adjustable. The holster is a great fit for my Glock 31 with a streamlight M6 light/laser. I don't like the buckle strap that secures the weapon in the holster. The buckle is awkward for quick draws, and is out of place positioned over the gun handle. The holster is removable from the platform, but neither are MOLLE compatible. I also don't feel very comfortable with how the holster sags out away from the platform when securing a pistol. The mag pouch on the holster needs some breaking in for a high glock high capacity mags, but will fit most any pistol mags. Product is at a great price and has potential to be a great product if you don't mind using a needle and thread to make it more practical."
– gary
5.0 5
"I play Airsoft and got this holster for my sig replica(which is a pretty big pistol), and works great! The clip holder on the front would work best with 1911 clips, but I can still fit mine in it. Over-all, for the price, can't beat it."
– Jake
5.0 5
"I forgot to mention in my last review for this item, i have a baby Desert Eagle .40 Compact and it fits perfectly in this holster, so for those of you who may have been wondering what kind of pistols fit that's one of em, i also have a Sig 9mm but that one not as much, if you have a real narrow pistol you might want to find a different one, bulkier pistols are better for this holster."
5.0 5
"I just received this item yesterday and i must say i am very impressed with the quality and functionality of this item i recommend to anyone it works great also with the Tactical belt sold on this site, best $20.00 spent"
4.0 5
"I own a Taurus 24/7 Pro .45, Finding a holster for this gun has not been easy and Im happy to say that my gun fits perfectly in this holster. The Holster feels solid and althought it takes a bit to get it adjusted right is pretty comfortable to wear. The buckle is kind of cumbersome for quick draws and buckling it back after you reholster the gun. Overall a good product for the price."
5.0 5
"Okay first off, if you are buying this for a 1911 you are wasting your money because it doesn't fit well at all. But it fits everything else under the sun. I've tried it with all my handguns and my dads handguns as well and they all fit prefectly : FN Five-seveN, S&W M&P, Glock 19 & 23, S&W 4566, S&W 5900, Ruger P90, Walther P99, SIG P220 & P229, Hk USP compact and Hk USP fullsize .45. All in all, it's a damn good holster."
– southern survivalist
5.0 5
"I have an XD 45 double stack. I have been disappointing with nylon gear before, but due to other comments and price, decided to purchase this one. After making the proper adjustments to fit the holster to my web belt, my body, and the XD - I can say I've felt no better holster system. The adjustments are intuitive. I appreciate the quick release buckles. The buckle that straps over the handle of the sidearm to hold it in the holster is solid. I can agree with opinions that very slim profile guns might well get lost in the holster. It is obviously made to accommodate (up to) double stack, thick weapons."
– redJ
4.0 5
"A bit difficult to work with if your short. I'm 5'5\" and it took some serious messing with the straps to get it to sit right. And its a tad bit big for my XD.40 bit i kind of like it that way makes the draw easier. after i fixed the straps i have never been happier with a holster it works like a charm and fits tight enough to my leg i can run with it easily. Great holster i would easily buy one again Also CTD delivered in under two days with just standard mail."
– Priest
5.0 5
"This holster is great. It doesn't move around your leg like another one i bought. It holds my Sig 226 and an extra mag just fine. Well worth the money. I have bought several other UTG products and have been happy with all of them."
– Alex
4.0 5
"I purchased this from Cheaperthandirt.com about 2 months ago (great site and great service). This was very easy to adjust and fits the following semi-auto pistols: Smith & Wesson M&P .45- 4.5\" barrel, Springfield XDM 9mm, Taurus 1911 .45 5\" barrel. It works well with all of them. The 1911 that I have does stick out of the bottom but doesn't cause major issues. I don't use this for duty or military situations so I can't qualify how it will work under extreme situations where you life is on the line. However this is a great buy and works very well no issues to date."
– vmthacker
4.0 5
"This is made a lot nicer than I expected. Fits my Glock 23 just fine. I do wish the safety strap holding the gun in had a quick release but other than that I like it."
– df3
5.0 5
"Someone ordered this for me because he knew I wanted a leg drop for work. After a little personal modifications (I have a long back and not-as-long arms), this thing fits like a dream! Love it, will recommend to anyone who needs this type of holster. Good on ya, CTD"
– Miko
4.0 5
"Good all-around holster for the price. The only cons about this is the belt buckle part makes a slight clicking noise when walking and the velcro also makes a crunching sound. It's not too audible, although as others have mentioned it'll break your stealth level. Four bullet rating because with a little more manufacturing skill it could eliminate this sound problem."
– Chris
3.0 5
"I am short and so the rig hangs too low on my thigh, but with some modification it will work fine. I use a single stack 1911 and I had to modify the holster so the gun doesn't fall too far down into the holster where it's hard to draw it quickly. But like the others say, you get what you pay for with this one."
– Scoob
5.0 5
"The holster was delivered right on time. I made one modification to the thigh strap and it fits perfect. It fits my Glock 19 and Glock 23 great. The retention buckle strap, in my opinion, isn't the best. However, I have been unbuttoning the two buttons that connect the retention buckle strap to the holster. That works quicker. Overall, I am happy with this holster. You cannot beat the prices here."
– Kev \"C\"
5.0 5
"This holster fit my Hi-point 40 with a laser attachment. Very, very impressive with plenty of room for the extra mag."
– bd
4.0 5
"For the $ the best deal I have seen on such an universal holster..will fit a 1911 or S&W 40 sigma. CTD Holster is a great buy!!!!!"
3.0 5
"I was not impressed with this rig. It could be my lack of experience with leg holsters. I could not make this sit how I wanted it, and the entire thing just felt out of place. I ended up tossing the leg setup aside, and put the actual holster on my belt. My Glock 21 fits very securely in the holster. I now only use this for trips to the range. Classic example of you get what you pay for."
– Glock Enthusiast
5.0 5
"Great holster. Good quality and very versatile. Only holster I've seen that has a left handed model as well. I'm not a lefty but I was dumb enough to get twin glocks (not practical, but fun as hell) so this works perfectly. To secure holsters you can either use the snaps or use the clip on the straps. Holsters can be separated from the platforms and be worn horizontally on a belt, works great to use one on the small of your back. Only issue is the straps kept loosening up, but after fitting the straps to my Glocks I just sewed the straps where I needed them and they've been solid ever since."
– Vacho
4.0 5
"Bought this for my brother, he and I both like it, I just didnt like the flappy things on eachside.."
– Hellfire223
5.0 5
"Ordered the holster on Monday and received it on Thursday. The holster fits my S&W 40 VE like a glove. Very adjustable and fits around my leg very nicely. Bought the drop leg holster so I could fit it on my utility belt. Fits comfortably and does not move around even while wearing pants or shorts. Great price and manufactured terrifically. Thanks CTD. Always pulling threw for me!"
– SaVaGe
4.0 5
"This is a great holster. I have a Glock 21. At first I was bummed that the mag holder would not fit my 13 round mag but by cutting the Elastic band allows the mag fit nicely. Because of this mod I give it a 4."
– Dan
5.0 5
"This is a great holster. It gives great and easy access to your side arm. I bought it for being able to carry my side arm while hunting."
– Wy Hunter
5.0 5
"This is a great holster. I love taking it out instead of a bulky hard case. I put an XD(M) .45 3.8 compact in it and it fits like a glove. The straps are super easy to use and it doesn't move at all. Releasing the weapon is super easy and can be done all with one hand and draw fluidly. Great product."
– Leave M3 Alone
5.0 5
"As always CTD does not disapoint. Chose 7-10 day shipping and received in 3 days. Holster fits my M&P9 like a glove. After about 5 mins I had the straps adjusted perfectly and it sits comfortably on the thigh. I bought it to wear hunting and while target shooting. The material is higher quality than I expected for the price. Would definitely recommend. Thanks CTD."
– aaron