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Under The Seat Handgun Case Black 14x8.5" Heavy Foam Padding Lockable

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Plastic injection molded case holds two full sized handguns with accessories. Features oversized handle, secure latches, egg crate style foam, and slide locks with holes for a pad lock, to secure your handgun. Inside case measures 14x8.5" and weighs just over a pound, Imported. 
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4.0 5
"This case was featured in an email from CTD. Ordered two. Sturdy enough little case. Got one with a bad latch. Only about half there when molded. Factory mistake. CTD made it right, right away. Added a little double sided tape to the foam. Otherwise, for the price, for going to the range, a good little case."
– Orin
4.0 5
"I got this as a flight/range case for my 1911. Easily fits the pistol, three mags, & 150 rounds. Latches up tight & I believe the dual padlock holes make it TSA approved. We'll find out next month. Anyways, a little double-sided tape to hold the foam in place & I'm a happy camper. For the price it's tough to beat."
– Nic
5.0 5
"I bought this case to carry my S&W 45 pistol, it has good foam protection, holds 2 extra mags with room to spare and fits under my seat. It has held up fine with no problems I would recommend this case as it works very well."
– Gentry
1.0 5
"I ordered this case hoping for a good case to take my pistol to the range, but boy was I surprised. The foam padding was very thin. My pistol slid around inside like there was no padding, it didn't hold it in place one bit. I would return it, but the return shipping cost is about as much as I paid for the case... Guess I'll have to do more looking the next time..."
– Dooshmon
5.0 5
"I bought 2 on the first order and just bought another with the current order. If you shake violently the pistols will slide around \"a little\" only bad thing, but fill the case up and nothing slides. I have the leapers UTG patrol bag, and 2 cases fit nicely with plenty of extra room. So one case has Glock 23 with the tac-light, 31 round mag, 2 extra 13 round mags, and a speed loader. All in this under seat case. The other has a Desert Eagle .50 AE with a laser, with 2 extra mags, and still has room for another mag or 2. These cases have a pocket like groove that makes stacking secure when at home or in your safe. Every time I buy a new pistol, Ill be buying another one of these cases."
– Chris
4.0 5
"Bought this case for my 1858 New Army 8\" target. Fits fine at a slight diagonal with plenty of extra room for spare cylinders, small tools, etc. Great case for transport to/from the range. FYI, the foam is too thin to prevent shifting as is. Try adding a thin layer of additional padding under the foam to increase the compression. I use a couple of folded shop rags on each side, which I need at the range anyway."
– PhxGuy
5.0 5
"These are good gun cases. Good condition and easily modified to hold various handguards. This is very customizable and would suite almost anyone\uFFFDs needs. A great value for the money."
– Bill
5.0 5
"I bought two of these during the CTD Twelve Days of Christmas sale. For the price, they can't be beaten and for all you folks who have a problem with the sliding around just stop by your nearest surplus store and get some 1/4 inch foam rubber sheeting. I did (for only a couple of dollars) and then used a felt pen to trace an outline of the foam in the case and then just cut. Worked perfectly! Hey, what do you expect for that cheap? They are great for the price. I am buying more. They are a good value even at this price."
– Secret
4.0 5
"When purchased on sale this case is a very good deal. Not quite as sturdy as hard cases supplied by firearms manufacturers, but for the price I paid the case is a good value for its size and quite adequate. If used to carry a thinner pistol it may shift around a bit, owing to the generous depth of the case - about 3 1/2 inches - and not because of a thin layer of foam padding - about 1 1/4\" at the high points. Cardboard cut out and placed under the foam will remedy this."
– G.L
2.0 5
"Not very solid at all, and the foam needs to be taped in place. If you store your pistol in a holster, it may be to fat to close without gaps forming on the sides, due to how flimsy it is."
– Swordguy5
5.0 5
"It's what the name says, to throw your piece in under your truck's seat, if you were looking for a pelican case that perfectly cradles your firearm...then buy one. This fits the bill for transporting to the range, or knocking around in your truck's cab,what more do you need! thanx ctd"
– polymerplinker
5.0 5
"I rated this case with 5 bullets mainly on price point. I recently bought an OEM case for my Bersa 380 and paid $18. It is exactly the same case that I just got 5 for $25 here on CTD. The Bersa case is only different in that it has BERSA painted on one side, having done that type of marking in the past it is about a .15 cent task if done manually."
– Brock
2.0 5
"I bought 3 of these thinking they would be a great gift for a friend who doesn't have cases for his antique Browning high powers. I thought I would give it a try with my guns first before I gave them to him for a gift. I put my Glock 17 and Sig 40 in one to take them to the range. As I carried them to my truck I heard some clicking. I opened up the case and my Sig had slid down into my Glock. I separated them and watched as I closed the case. The foam has a huge gap in between it almost as thick as the pistols, so consequently, it Doesn't hold the guns in postion. I was going to cut the shapes for the guns, but like I said, the foam didn't even come in contact with each other. The FOAM in them is junk! I went to Home Depot to buy heavier foam and made my own inserts for them. The plastic case is decent. If you want to keep your guns from getting scarred I suggest you replace the foam and cut out the shapes for your gun, clips, and/or ammo. Just be aware if you buy this."
– Natedog2
3.0 5
"The BAD: Case is plastic and the foam \"padding\" inside is crap...The GOOD: For the price, you CANNOT beat it. If you own so many guns that they are just lying around the house in drawers getting scratched up, AT LEAST get them one of these.THREE BULLETS."
– JamesT
3.0 5
"Starting off you can tell this case was made very cheaply. I got the $5 Christmas deal and it was totally worth it. Pros: its very cheap and it works as a case. I live in cali so a lockable pistol case is required when you transport it in your car. This case gets the job done if your on a budget( like me, a college student ). Cons: The foam isnt glued down ( buy a $5 tube of superglue ). Some of the cases I got are a bit stiff to open do to the cheap injection molding process they use. some sandpaper fixed that. Its very flimsy, if you really tried to pry it open with a lock on it youll most likely succeed. Due to that this should not be used to store a pistol long term.In the end if your looking for nothing more than something to move a pistol from one place to another this gets the job done."
– Dante
4.0 5
"For the price, this case is just what the Dr. ordered, but the foam padding is not glued down and the guns move around. I glued the cardboard strips from the box it came in and that took care of the gap problem. Holds both my Bersa pistols, with room to spare. Holds two Glocks perfectly, too. THANKS, CTD."
– Little Scotty
3.0 5
"The major problem I had was that the foam is too thin to keep my two handguns from banging into each other. But for $5/ea. I really shouldn't complain."
– mjblack
4.0 5
"Great case I bought it to keep my revolver in when I go to the range. The padding in the case leaves a big gap and let's the gun slide when its picked up but putting cardboard under the pads works great."
– a. bewley
5.0 5
"I should have bought 10 instead of just 4 - great gifts."
– Bruno
5.0 5
"great bargain, i have never got a bad deal from Cheaper Than Dirt"
– the king
3.0 5
"The case is a reasonable value for the special sale price of $5.00. They are advertised as under the seat cases. Back seat maybe. I own both a Ford & Chevy pickup and neither of them will accommodate a handgun case of this size. Overall, a decent case that will serve a purpose."
– Terry from Kansas