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Uncle Mike's Inside-the-Pants Holster Large-Frame Autos 3-3/4" to 4-1/2" Size 15 Right Hand Open Nylon Black

Uncle Mike's
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Specifications and features:
Inside-the-pants holster
Fits large-frame autos 3-3/4" to 4-1/2" barrels
Size 15
Right hand
Open top
Ultra-thin 4-layer laminate
Internal moisture barrier
Belt clip

Item#: 44151
Total number of Reviews: 19

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5.0 5
"Perfect for my Jericho 9mm and 2\" SP101. No more holtser hunting. No what to do with all the others?"
5.0 5
"Top quality, rock bottom price, and they survive the washing machine. Just keep trying until you find one that fits right. You can buy one of each for less than some of the other holsters I have bought and never worked. Uncle Mike's products have always served me well so far, wish I found em sooner. I have three of their holsters now and countless mag carriers and other items made by them, like em so much I'm putting this review on each one. Now I have a box full of fancy and expensive holsters from all other makes I wish I never bought, a little gas and a match will take care of them."
5.0 5
"I've been a police officer for 13 years and in plain clothes for 10. I've been using this particular model FULL TIME, the entire time. On duty and off. In 10 years I've had 2 of these. For a non leather holster, this is one durable and comfortable holster. I've tried others that folks said were the same. Forget about it. I can carry my G17, G19, & SA XD-45 down the front of pants comfortably and discreetly. Very good product. I'm about to order a 3rd...only because of the price. I can probably get another year out of the one I'm currently using."
5.0 5
"Between the price, its durability and versatility this \"Sidekick\" line of holsters can't be beat. I've got one for my SP101, my Glock 27 and the large size which alternately carries my HK USP or Glock 20.If you or yours is good with a needle & thread you can easily customize the fit for a particular gun by sewing close to the contours of your gun. I did this on my holsters for the Glock & SP101and I have worn them both comfortably and securely for over 10 years."
5.0 5
"I have a S&W Sigma .40. It fits perfectly into the holster. Very pleased with product."
5.0 5
"This holster is awesome! I bought it for my Glock 23. I know CTD recommends the size 16 for my gun but the size 15 works great. I can put it in the small of my back for left handed draw, on my right hip or down the front when wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I have tried doing jumping jacks, summer salts, shooting baskets, whatever, the gun doesn't come out and the holster doesn't move. However the gun comes out easily when drawn. I love the Uncle Mike's Sidekick holsters. I recommend a size 16 ankle holster for the Glock 23 as well. Mine works great. I can carry anytime, anywhere with these 2 holsters."
5.0 5
"Great Holster for concealed carry, really comfortable. Fits my PT145 perfectly, covers all the metal parts. Lets just the butt of the of pistol stick out above the waist line. I thought the plastic belt clip was cheap looking but it's held up well. Very smooth outside and padded on the inside."
5.0 5
"They say you aren't a real gunslinger till you have a drawer full of holsters. Well I must be the best. I have spend $100's on fancy, leather, plastic and in between holster. The 2 I use daily are this one and one that has a thumb lock. For IWB conceal carry. THIS IS THE ONLY HOLSTER YOU WILL EVER NEED."
5.0 5
"I carry a full size frame weapon: Ruger P-95 15 round pistol IWB with this. I'm 6'4\" and 212 lbs. Even being thin for my size / weight and wearing dress pants and a polo style shirt I can conceal with out much effort. You can't beat it for the price. Well built and easy to put on. Only thing some may gripe about would be it won't stay open after initial draw."
5.0 5
"Great holster! I carry my XD9 on and off duty. And when off duty this is the holster I use. It's comfrtable, secure, and discreet. I bought it just to use \"until I could get a better one\". After using it every day for 5 months I haven't even thought about getting a different one. I highly recomend it."
4.0 5
"I got this holster for my Ruger P90 .45, which has a 4.5 inch barrel. It fits great and is made of thin but very squishy rubbery material that makes this holster very, very comfortable. A larger pistol would not work well with this holster. I really want to give this holster a 5 bullet rating, because I feel it's the best holster for the money on this site, but sadly, as close as it may be, it's not totally perfect. It is however, sturdy, very concealed, and outrageously comfortable. The only things that keeps this holster from being absolutely perfect are: It doesn't stay open after a draw, and I have to shift it around, only an inch or two, every hour or so, but only to keep the handle exactly where I want it, but those two factors are not worth the $50-$60 more it would take to get a hard leather holster that would actually be less comfortable. How concerned are you that you have to undo your belt to re-holster your weapon if you've had to draw it? I've read some complaints about it not gripping the belt well, but if you place the clip between the belt and the pants and then cinch your belt normally it stays quite secure and will never come out or ride up. It only rocks backwards an inch or two, so the handle meets the waistband, after that. Once again, this is the best holster I could ask for, and at this price; who could ask for more?Thank you Uncle Mike!"
4.0 5
"For the price this thing is one of the best around and comfortable too. -1 bullet because the material it is made of does not allow an easy re-holster of the firearm (it does not stay open). Other than that great product."
4.0 5
"Got one of these for my sr9c and it fit great. My problem w/ this holster is that the hook can't be repositioned to the other side if you need to."
4.0 5
"This is a very cheap and very simple holster. It fits my Glock 21 perfectly and the material the holster is made of has great non-slip properties even when you sweat. The clip is plastic. It is made in Vietnam. You can't beat the price for the effectiveness."
5.0 5
"Love this holster. Comfortable and good fitting. Easy to draw from, however as other reviewers have noted, it is hard to place the pistol back into the holster once it's drawn. Guess that's not much to worry about if I needed to draw to protect myself or others."
5.0 5
"Ordered the holster Mnday, recieved it Thursday. If your looking for a great holster for a great price this is the one. Fits snug and is comfortable. I probably could have gotten a better holster, but I woulda paid 60 bucks! This is a great deal!"
5.0 5
"This holster works great for in the wait concealled carry. Holds my 40 S&W perfectly. Been carrying with this over a year with no signs of wear. Can't see how another holster could be better, and especially considering the price."
5.0 5
"Very rugged, dependable holster. My XD-9 is tough to conceal(concealing a handgun requires a concealed carry license, and is a felony without one) in the pants without a jacket. But, the holster is soft, and does it's job well. Thankfully, I only use it in the late p.m./early a.m. hours when I let my dogs go outside, and when x-fering from the house to my car & vise versa. I usually open carry this weapon(NOT LEGAL IN MOST STATES;NC IS OPEN CARRY). If you need a cheap, tough, comfortable, functional holster:this is the one for you! For left handed shooters: If you want to carry in the back, get a right hand model or else you will have to draw with your off-hand. Vice Versa for righties!"
4.0 5
"This item is a great value for the money. It does exactly what it says and fits my pistol snug enough that I don't have to worry about it falling out. I would recommend this item to anyone who is short on cash and planning on buying a more permanent holster later."