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TulAmmo 7.62x39mm 640 Round Spam Can, HP, 122 Grains, ULO76205

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Try some TULAMMO, manufactured at the Ulyanovsk Cartridge works in Russia. Founded in 1880, Tula Cartridge Works is one of the most significant producers of small-arms ammunition in the world. Over the past several years the factory launched production of a wide variety of commercial products for training, self-defense, and hunting. Such ammunition is marketed Worldwide under the trademark TULAMMO.
The cartridge (7.62X39 mm) is used for sporting and hunting shooting through bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles and carbines. The cartridge keeps its qualities under various climatic and weather conditions independent of the season and at a temperature from 20 to + 50 C.

Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
Bullet Weight: 122 Grains
Bullet Type: Hollow Point Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 2396 FPS
Non-reloadable Steel Casing
Berdan Primed
Bimetal jacket will attract a magnet
640 Round Sealed "Spam Can" Consisting of 32 Boxes, 20 Rounds per Box


Item#: AMM-6409,90771
Total number of Reviews: 26

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5.0 5
"Good cheap ammo, a little dirty, but I have seen worse, but for this price I live with it. My AK 47 ate all 640 rounds with no miss-fires, stovepipes, hangs, etc. The can would provide long term storage if needed. It's a little hard to open but so be it..... Will be getting more once it is back in stock"
– Shoot Right
5.0 5
"Great ammo!"
– spray and pray
5.0 5
"Decently accurate, no misfires or any other incident. Can't ask for more from such an inexpensive ammo. Fired roughly 100rounds so far with no prob"
– Ss.chinoli Freezin
5.0 5
"Steel cased ammunition is relied on by citizens and military agencies in some of the most extreme climates all over the world. The AK-47, chambered in 7.62x39mm, for example is relied upon for its ruggedness in some of the harshest places on Earth with a reputation for being less finicky than many of the more finely tuned Western weapons. TulAmmo\uFFFDs steel-cased 7.62x39mm ammunition is purportedly tested to function well in temperatures ranging from -58 \uFFFDF to 122 \uFFFDF cementing its usefulness in extreme climates such as the searing deserts of the Middle East to the frigid tundra of Siberia. It\uFFFDs no surprise that such a rugged product has emerged from the hinterlands of Mother Russia."
– The Riddick
5.0 5
"Comes with can opener! Great ammo, not too dirty at all. Shooting it in a yugo SKS. Will buy more from TulAmmo!"
– Saab2008
5.0 5
"Great ammo! Feeds reliably through my Bulgarian AK with zero duds to date. Consistent loadings and it's not that dirty at all. Will be buying more."
– camd64
5.0 5
"I'm down to my last 100 rounds and have had no problems, except for a total of 2 stove pipes. It's currently on back order, but as soon as it becomes available, I will order several more of these cans. These are great for storage, as they are completely sealed in the can. The paint on the can seems like it would even hold off any rust for a very long time. You never know when a can of this stuff will come in handy."
– Sino-Soviet model 56
5.0 5
"I dare you to find a better deal than this. My AK is in love with this ammo. Enjoy."
– Suchell
5.0 5
"My home built AR-15 in 7.62x39mm LOVES this stuff. No problems, ever."
– freedomwatchers
5.0 5
"Your AK will devour this ammo if your firing pin is within spec. Pretty dirty (soot), but is non-corrosive and cleans easily. 200 rounds through an AMD-65 with no malfunctions of any kind, best ammo for the price... it can't last long, get some while you can!"
– A.G.
5.0 5
"The proof is in the pudding, as there are no Zombies bothering the Noodle compound!I'm shooting this ammo from a Norinco MAK-90 that has lots of aftermarket goodies, including a Slide Fire stock.I've emptied my Chinese 75 round drums at full tilt, several times with the Slide Fire, without any failures of any kind, and man did that MAK get hot!I'll be back for another spam can of this ammo when it's available."
– Mundane Noodle
5.0 5
"I ordered this spam can of 640 rounds yesterday and just got it in 24 hr or less. It's not even 12 in the afternoon yet. Awesome job!"
– freemason killer
5.0 5
"Stock up on as many tins as you can afford too."
– CitizenPete
5.0 5
"Good stuff. Shoots great. Price is right."
– Danno
5.0 5
"I bought this ammo in the spam can because I want to store it until it is needed. I buy the regular ammo in the pasteboard boxes for practice. Never had a problem with the TulAmm0 7.62 x 39mm."
– Peter in Georgia
5.0 5
"Excellent way to stock up on ammo for future needs. Keep your ammo dry in this spam can till you need it."
– Freedom Ringing
5.0 5
"Great Ammo///Cheap for today 's prices///Great storage with the SPAM can///Fast-Super Fast shipping!!!"
– Mini 30/AK/SKS shooter
4.0 5
"I had watched a few reviews that said that JHP ammo would jam in an SKS or some AKs because of no feed ramps in the chamber and that only FMJ would feed correctly. Well, to me I did not buy my rifle to just shoot targets. So I took the chance and bought this ammo. It feeds flawlessly in my SKS and is reasonably accurate. The only thing I saw wrong with it is that it comes in 20 round boxes inside the can. It should be on Stripper clips to make it a better value and more usable."
– David Gordy
5.0 5
"If you are just going to shoot the ammo, buy it in the 20 round boxes. The spam can is airtight and is ideal for storing the ammo over the long term. I wish they would sell hollow point ammo in the 500 round case."
– fridrichp
5.0 5
"This was the first ammo i have tried in my gun, and have only shot at eighty yards and open sights but it was pounding through 3/8 inch steel plates, i need to get some half inch or 3/4 inch steel plates, but it was hitting nice groups and cycled this ammo really nice no jams, shot 100 rounds very happy will be buying some more for sure"
– oxdog
5.0 5
"I have fired approx. 300 rds of this ammo already. Shoots well. No issues with mis-fires. Seems to hit hard and seems to be accurate. I will buy again. Like the spam can for long term storage. Opening it is a bit of a pain. Just be patient and careful."
– Randy
5.0 5
"Im stoked about being able to store this ammo long term"
– Aim for the Brain!
5.0 5
"I just put a full 640 round of this steel cased through my M74 serbian rpk, not 1 ftf or extract,I was shocked at how clean it burns compared to wolf and other ammo i have tried.The rifle was not that dirty compared, no misfires,and could shoot a beer can at 120 yrds with my red dot sight & my RPK long HVY baRREled rifle. I just ordered a second case ."
– David
5.0 5
"Shoots well - no failures after several hundred rounds through a Century WASR-10."
– JP Griffin
5.0 5
"I have bought several of these and have them put up for rainy day. I have put these through my AK-47 and it loves them, no FTF or any other issues."
– Firebossbob
5.0 5
"Pretty neat little package, these spam cans are impossible to find locally and I ran some numbers. Even with the shipping charge you pay a little less for all these round opposed to buying 20/40/180 range packs and such so it's a great deal. All the rounds were there, easy to open. I got the FMJ's though"