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TulAmmo .223 Rem. Polymer Coated Steel Case Jacketed Hollow Point, 62 Grain, 3025 fps, 500 Round Case, TA223621

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Unequaled Value! Unquestioned Performance!
Try some TULAMMO, manufactured at the Tula Cartridge works in Russia. Founded in 1880, Tula Cartridge Works is one of the most significant producers of small-arms ammunition in the world. Over the past several years the factory launched production of a wide variety of commercial products for training, self-defense, and hunting. Such ammunition is marketed Worldwide under the trademark TULAMMO.
The cartridge .223 REM (5.5645) is used for sporting and hunting shooting through bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles and carbines. The cartridge keeps its qualities under various climatic and weather conditions independent of the season and at a temperature from 20 to + 50 C.

.223 Remington
62 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Bullet
3025 FPS
Non-reloadable Steel Casing
Berdan Primed
Bimetal jacket will attract a magnet
500 Round Case Consisting of 25 Boxes, 20 Rounds per Box

Total number of Reviews: 24

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1.0 5
"Failed to feed. Failed to eject. Avoid this trash!"
– ar-15
5.0 5
"I had previously bought 500 rds of supposedly \"good quality\" reloads (55 fmj) from my local gun shop for my mini-14, but had about every 1 out of 20 rounds fail to feed. I suspected the light 55 grain causing weak cycles, so decided on these 62 grain cheapy rounds. So far not a single issue, cycling great, not too dirty (not as bad as pmc). Will definitely buy again."
– Kepora
5.0 5
"I am on my second order of 500. I have put 620 rounds through my AR-15 in the last 3 weeks and not one failed. I am very happy with this product!!"
– satisfied
5.0 5
"I've been shooting this ammo through my DPMS AR from day one without incident. It's kind of funny... after all the negative testimonials I read online about \"cheap\" DPMS firearms prior to buying mine anyway, mainly from the high dollar purists who think ONLY Colt knows how to make firearms or ONLY Sig, or ONLY S&W... they are usually the guys who pooh-pooh this cheap ammo because their high strung temperamental, high dollar AR's get a tummy ache when they are fed low cost ammo.Saved hundreds on my rifle and continue to save on ammo."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"I took a shot with this ammo seeing that the price makes it ideal for plinking. I ran 50 rounds through my semi-clean Bushmaster AR-15 16\" barrel in cold rainy weather today with no problems at all. I shot standing, open sights at an 8\" target on a backstop at 100 yds and all the rounds impacted on the target. I didn't have any problems, this ammo functioned fine in my rifle."
– Ian
2.0 5
"I was going to give these a top rating until I started having trouble with them. I bought the 500 pack in late summer and no issues with them in the high summer temps in the high desert here in NM. Then as the temps started to drop with winter I started having failure to feed issues, first with my custom AR then with my Bushmaster that up to that point would shoot anything. With temps below freezing my last trip to the range neither rifle would feed this ammo. Neither rifle had any failures with LC M855 on that same range session. Got so bad that a fired case from this Tulammo got jammed in the chamber of my Bushmaster and had to be driven out. First mag of this which had been in a heated truck worked fine, all the TulAmmo after that exposed to the cold failed. Apparently the polymer coating doesn't care much for cold. Good, cheap ammo for summer shooting. You would think ammo from Mother Russia would work better in the cold."
– Jimm
5.0 5
"This ammo works great in my Smith and Wesson M&P 15. I have gone through 180 rounds, mostly slow accurate fire, but some rapid fire as well. Not one failure to feed or eject (pmags), and they have been more accurate than me. My only complaint is that the steel cased ammo does get my gun a bit dirtier than the brass stuff. But that being said, for 1/3rd the cost, I will keep coming back for more."
– dustin hess
5.0 5
"I started off shooting 75% Federal Arms 5.56 NATO and 25% TulAmmo. Didn't really see a difference but was skeptical based on all the bad press.Moved to 50% Federal Arms, 50% TulAmmo because I was less skeptical and the cost savings was pretty noticeable (I blast a lot of ammo on the weekends with my son).I just ordered my first TulAmmo ONLY weekend supply of 500 rounds and don\uFFFDt have a single worry in the world.Never failed to feed, never didn't eject, not any more dirty than any other round that I can tell.This is the round for the weekend range visit!"
– Tim M
5.0 5
"I bought 500 rounds to stock up so I wouldn't have to buy 100 each weekend. I only fired 100 yesterday with my new Bushmaster carbon-15, but I didn't have a single issue with any of them. Once I fired the other 400 I'll be sure to update."
– Anthony
5.0 5
"Wow, again this is excellent ammo. I have been using this ammo for many years for several types of rifles from SKS's to AK's. This TulAmmo is a bang for the buck. Thank you again CTDirt. To bad we couldn't make quality ammo like this in the States. For the haters of this ammo stop it lol.thanksRoldan"
– Southern California
4.0 5
"I purchased this bulk package fully knowing steels myths. However after shooting 200+ rounds there have been 0 failures of any type what so ever. Every trigger pull went bang, every one was ejected and the next loaded flawlessly. My Smith and Wesson M&P 15 loves this stuff like its cheap candy. If you are hesitant, don't be, Steel gets a bad rap and you shouldnt beleieve it at all. I will be placing another order soon in order to bolster my stock."
– P -wny
4.0 5
"Overall, I am very happy with the quick turn around from CTD. I took my Bushmaster out and put 100 rounds of TulAmmo through it with no problems. I am still cautious about it, after reading all of its bad press. So far so good though. I will update if any problems arise. Until then, I can't complain to have this as a good bulk order of \"cheap\" ammo to use for economical plinking."
– JF AR-15
5.0 5
"Bought 500 rounds, so far only one failure to eject in 300 rounds.Great for plinking!"
– zombei23
4.0 5
"I didn't expect much out of rifle rounds at the same price as 9mm but I'm pretty darn happy with what I got. Had a few FTF but it was most likely my polymer mag (stay away from those). Got consistent 1 inch groups at 100 yards. Get some lithium grease and lube your carrier a bit and these can be really good rounds"
– Gio
4.0 5
"I've shot through almost 500 rounds with no major issues. The only thing I would note is that my Thermold (MAG-104) mags don't really like these rounds, as I do get failure to feed issues. These rounds in my steel mags have never given me a problem. When you compare these rounds to other brands, it appears that the bullet is not pressed into the case quite as far, so they are just a little bit longer in overall length. Again, a non issue in my steel mags, but I do get FTFs in my Thermold mags. I would buy these again knowing to only load them into my steel mags. Performance, accuracy, and cleanliness are all acceptable."
– Coiz
5.0 5
"I've fired around 300 in my DMPS Oracle with zero issues so far. If, after I finish with this 500 (making a total of 700 of these) through it without problems, I will most likely order more."
– Matt G.
5.0 5
"Changing my rating to 5 bullets because this stuff is amazing! I would absolutely 100% trust these to hunt with. As I said below, I get consistent 1\" groups at 50-100 yards and 3\" groups at 200 yards with a 4x maximum scope. 300 rds with no problems AT ALL since I upgraded my mags"
– Gio
5.0 5
"Ran 100 rounds through today with zero issues. This is on a self assembled AR, made from the cheapest parts I could find."
– Cylvester
5.0 5
"Bought 500 rounds. Blew them through a mid grade AR with no trouble at all. Shot 60 through my friend's gun in rapid fire with no trouble. What more can you expect from plinker ammo? The ammo is not leaving any worse residue than other ammo, so I would give this the complete 5 bullet rating. I'm back to buy more!!"
– plinker
4.0 5
"These rounds are surprisingly well made, considering. I have put 500 of these through my AR-15 type rifle with not a single issue. As others say, they do leave a lot of residue, but that's no big issue. The only really problem I saw was these are just hollow points and not jacketed hollow points. All they do is drill a small hole in the tip and on one bullet has uniform drilling. Also, the light polymer coating supposedly has caused rust in less than 24 hours after being exposed to moisture. Great target ammo. Not much for storage ammo, unless you get the cans, but I don't know much about those."
– SG
4.0 5
"I'll say it again and again - this is very good to excellent ammo, considering it's not brass. Face it people - the Russians are selling us affordable ammo and this TulAmmo is no exception, along with the Wolf and Bear brands. I hate it when most people you talk to automatically say the Russian stuff is junky, dirty, etc. For the price, you can't beat it - hands down - and it works. I own two Ruger Mini-14s; a pre-ban (yes I'm from California) and a later model that eats this ammo up all day long, with several thousands of rounds thru each of them. Check out TulAmmo's web site and you will see an independent study/test performed with steel and brass products. I won't go into details; just see for yourself. No, I don't work for CTD or TulAmmo. I just want to tell you what I know and think of not only the TulAmmo, but all the affordable Russian ammo that is available today. Our country needs to make us some more affordable ammo. The only reason I didn't give it 5 bales ( means bullets) is because of the steel casings, but then again, it can always be recycled."
– RickRock1
3.0 5
"I think this ammo is OK for the price, but as we all know, you get what you pay for. In the first ten rounds I put through my AR, I had one FTF and one jam. I continued to shoot the ammo and I was having the same problem with every magazine that I went through. I switched over to another (more expensive) brand of ammo and went through 50 rounds with no issues. I would most likely not purchase this ammo again. I have also purchased this ammo in other calibers and will have to see how it operates for my other weapons. It is good ammo if you have the patience to deal with continuous weapon jams."
– ilikchooten
1.0 5
"I bought this to be used as my range ammo with my SCAR. First shot, I had a failure to feed. I reloaded manually, fired, and two rounds later, had the same issue. At first I thought the magazines I bought were faulty, but when the same thing happened with four different magazines from four different brands, I thought otherwise. I bought a box of $18 ammo right at the range and fed them through the same four magazines and it ran flawlessly. This ammo is such underpowered junk that even my SCAR can't cycle it properly. Stay far, far away!"
– John
3.0 5
"This is good, cheap plinking ammo. It's more consistent at 100 yards than I would have guessed by the price. It is, however, very dirty and you'll be cleaning for a while after a couple of hours at the range, but I'd be willing to bet that most of us would do that anyway. As far as jam ups go, I've put 1000+ rounds through my SW M&P 15 and only had one."
– Dr. O